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Thread: Hofstra v. Penn State Discussion Thread

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    Doesn't go off until next Saturday, but just looking at how these two teams have wrestled the past two days, and just the match ups in general I'm pretty excited to see this one.

    125: Dave Tomasette dec Mark McKnight 3-0 Hofstra (This went the other way last year, but just feel like Tomasette after another year in the room with the crop of lightweights and Dubuque gets this one)

    133: Lou Ruggirello maj Tim Haas 7-0 Hofstra (Lou just pinned the #2 guy in the nation, I don't think this one requires a ton of explanation, Haas will do well to try and keep this one to a minor, it could wind up as six)

    141: Charles Griffin dec Jake Strayer 10-0 Hofstra (Both guys put it to guys that they were superior to this weekend, and both are returning All Americans. For now, I'm going to take the guy thats been a 141 for the last few years. This one is a toss up, and will be a very key match)

    149: Bubba Jenkins maj Mitch Smith 10-4 Hofstra (Sure Bubba will be looking to try and put a big score on Smith here, Smith has to bring it better here than he did against Wagner or Bubba will make him look bad)

    157: Dan Vallimont dec Johnny Bonilla Bowman 10-7 Hofstra (Bowman is going to have to avoid giving bonuses here like he did to Chandler)

    165: Dave Rella dec Ryan Patrovich 10-10 (Neither guy looked very good this week, another one thats pretty much a toss up, I'll go with Rella in a close one, much like their Senior Nat's final from a few years ago)

    174: Alton Lucas dec Mark Friend 13-10 Hofstra (This match up will be interesting depending on who wrestles for Penn State. I don't think Friend can beat Lucas, Erwin on the other hand who has been wrestling very well today at the MSU Open is capable)

    184: Phil Bomberger maj Jeff Siciliano 14-13 Penn State (Bomberger majored Haines today, I don't know much about Siciliano, but I'd assume that those two are comparable)

    197: Phil Davis dec Joe Rovelli 17-13 Penn State (Rovelli and Taylor are pretty comparable in my opinion, and Davis destroyed Taylor today, this one could very well wind up more)

    285: Stefan Tighe dec James Guerin 20-13 Penn State (Don't know much about either guy, but assume Tighe is good enough to beat Guerin who seems to be struggling out of the gate)

    Final: Penn State 20 Hofstra 13. 125, 141, 165, and 174 I could all see going the other way.

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    I can't wait...I'll be in attendance.
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    I pretty much agree with Jensens breakdown here but dont forget hostfra is developing a reputation for overachieving in duals, they beat minny last year and they just came damn close to beating missouri whos ranked well ahead of PSU

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    They upset Penn State last year too. I remember Lucas knocked off Younshonis, and Weidman beat Davis.
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