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Iowa Hawkeye Wrestle offs - Friday semi finals

133 - Thomas Magnani pinned Montell Marion 6:07
Marion was up 10-6 on Magnani and got turned at the end of the 3rd period and got stuck.

133 - Joe Slaton tech. fall Tyler Halverson, 27-11 in 5:07

141 - Alex Tsirtsis tech. fall Ethan Sebert, 18-1 in 6:22
Looked really good today, he was extremely aggressive and just dominated. The way he came out and dominated today, not just positionally, but with his agressiveness, was impressive. He nearly took his opponent's shoulder out of its socket at least twice. Never saw him on the bottom though, so that could be a different beast.

141 - Dan LeClere maj. dec. Derek Coorough, 20-7
Methodical work by Dan, never seemed out of control.

149 - Brent Metcalf pinned Stew Gillmor, 2:23
Impressive wrestling from Brent, he will definitely be worth the wait and is certain to match the hype. Metcalf, physically, is just overpowering. Today, he didn't look like the most explosive guy in the world, but who knows. He and Gillmor traded takedowns and escapes until Metcalf just ended it pretty quickly with a pin in the first period.

149 - Matt Ballweg dec. Nick LeClere, 9-5
Ballweg seemed in control for most of this one.

157 - T.H. Leet dec. Brooks Kopsa, 6-5
Pretty bland match here with not a whole lot of offense. Lots of stalling

165 - Mark Perry pinned Weston Marling, 2:37
The score was 14-0 at the time. Takedown, 5 count, 5 count, 5 count 5 count, turned and pinned.

165 - Jake Kerr maj. dec. Michael Fahrer, 17-7
Kerr looked impressive, and looked good in a scramble too.

184 - Vinnie Wagner dec. Rick Loera, 10-4

HWT Johnson and Rasing didn't wrestle
Johnson is Dropping to 197#'s

133 - Dennis (RSO) has a broken Jaw and is out for several weeks,
197 - Mehman is injured
171 - Borschel vs Beatty match is a maybe exhibition only

Saturday Finals 9 AM

125 ? Charlie Falck (RJR) vs. J.J. Krutsinger (FR)
133 ? Thomas Magnani (RSO) vs. Joe Slaton (RSO)
141 ? Alex Tsirtsis (SR)vs. Dan LeClere (RSO)
149 ? Brent Metcalf (RSO) vs. Matt Ballweg (RFR)
157 ? Ryan Morningstar (RSO) vs. T.H. Leet (RSO)
165 ? Mark Perry (RSR) vs. Jake Kerr (RSO)
184 ? Phillip Keddy (RSO) vs. Vinnie Wagner (FR)
197 - Johnson (FR) vs Ambrose (FR)
HWT - Fields (SR) vs Rasing (FR)