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Thread: PAC-12 championships

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    Hey does anyone know when the PAC-12 seeing will be out? I don't see anything on the PAC-12 or the school (OSU/ASU or BSU) sites. I expect seeding should be out tonight.

    Pac-12 Wrestling Championships

    Also it looks like the finals will be carried live on the PAC-12 Network (sucks to be a Direct TV customer for this one), but I don't see any other streaming of the earlier rounds this year. That would be a bummer, since they have streamed the entire thing the last few years. Does anyone know if there are any other streaming opportunities?

    PAC-12 is a bit down this year, but there should still be some decent matches in the finals.

    149 - Scott Sakaguchi vs. Jason Chamberlain
    157 - R.J. Pena vs. George Ivanov
    184 - Jake Swartz vs. Ty Vinson
    197 - Taylor Meeks vs. Jake Meredith
    285 -Chad Hanke vs. J.T. Felix/Levi Cooper

    Also does anyone know when the allocations will come out. I'm curious how many the PAC-12 will even qualify for NCAAs this year.

    What a great time of the year!!!!

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    I've been looking for the seeding and haven't seen anything...come on Pac12!!
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    Well brackets are finally out.

    Warning....Side note rant: I swear we as a wrestling community really don't do ourselves any favors. It shouldn't be this friggen hard to follow our sport. No wonder why we lose so many ex-wrestlers as fans as they graduate from high school and college. Why in the hell doesn't the PAC 12 or other conferences/schools get out there and push the brand!!!!

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