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    Default Metcalf hopes to exceed expectations

    November 8, 2007

    Sean Monahan
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    Talk about it in The Hawkeye Lounge
    What might have been for Brent Metcalf? The 149 pound wrestling star just might be the best in the country at his weight and yet, he has not been able to wrestle at the college level after transferring from Virginia Tech. But, now Metcalf gets to prove that there is more than hype to his skills as he hits the mat this winter. He talks about the long wait, his anticipated match with Dustin Schlatter, and much more.

    Brent Metcalf takes the mat at 149 pounds for the Hawkeyes.
    Q: A lot of people have been waiting to see you wrestle. Can you talk about those expectations?

    METCALF: I think there's obviously an expectation for me, but I like that. I put expectations on myself. I guess I'm glad that there's expectations. It helps you compete, they're tools for training, and I think it's great.

    Q: Coach mentioned at his press conference that you're one of the few guys he enjoys sassing him back. Can you go through how that works between you two guys?

    METCALF: Sassing him back?I sure try not to sass him back. I'd rather not be that guy that sasses him back, but I guess I am a little vocal. I try not to sass him back when he's trying to teach or coach. Maybe in certain situations where I'm being extremely competitive at the time, and he wants me to change something, in a competitive atmosphere like that I think a lot of times for me it's tough to change, or to make that adjustment.

    Q: Talk about the frustration of having to sit back two years. I know you've been able to wrestle un-attached, but not being able to wrestle for your team that you practice with everyday, and help them progress to victory.

    METCALF: Yeah, I agree, I think there's definitely a difference between just competing and competing on a full length college season, your duals and stuff. It's something I miss since high school, those duals meets are just different, they're fun. It's a different atmosphere. I'm amped, I'm excited about it. More than that, I'm just excited to get going, get at it, and prove to myself and the rest of the country what I can do.

    Q: While you haven't been able to wrestle for a program, [Dustin] Schlatter goes on and wins a national championship, comes in third. How frustrating is that to see, watching this guy who you've beaten before, gets this kind of success and you have to wait your turn?

    METCALF: From my point of view it's not really frustrating. I watch it, and number one, I'm happy for the kid. That's awesome, good for him. I guess it makes me feel a little better, watching it, knowing; alright I believe that I can win a national title and it proves that I can. I guess it just confirms what I already believe.

    Q: Can you talk about seeing him for the first time this year, how that's going to be for you?

    METCALF: It definitely, for me it needs to? for me it's a big match. I need to set a tone for this season, because we're probably going to compete against each other four or five times.
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    Default Re: Metcalf hopes to exceed expectations

    So he's going to stay in school and not transfer again when Tom leaves? Bazing!!
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