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    2. New, tougher criteria standards. To reach the bronze standard, which is the level at which wrestlers become eligible for at-large selection, wrestlers must now meet or exceed TWO of the following criteria:
    • Top 33 RPI (Rating Percentage Index) Note: To be considered for RPI ranking, a wrestler must have a minimum of 17 Division I matches at a given weight class.
    • Top 33 coaches ranking (2/22/12 measure)
    • .700 winning percentage against all competition
    • One win against a wrestler receiving automatic qualification via an earned position
    • Qualifying event placement one below automatic qualification

    Previously, wrestlers had to meet only of the above criteria to be eligible for at-large selection.

    Does anyone know exactly how the 17 match criteria is determined? I understand it as you have to wrestle 17 matches against 17 D1 guys and not any other division. The thing I don't understand is if wrestling against a D1 kid that is unattached counts towards the match total or not. Can anyone elaborate on this at all?


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    I think that if the wrestler is on a D1 roster, it counts as a D1 match.

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    Thanks buford. I seen that ISU has 6 starters going to the NCO this weekend. I assume this is being done to try and qualify these wrestlers. I see these 6 don't currently meet the mininum number of 17 D1 matches or the .700 winning precentage. It is unthinkable to me that KJ can't seem to understand these kids need to wrestle more matches. This has been a yearly occurance under KJ and he doesn't seem to learn. The way it looks at the moment ISU may only get 3-4 kids into NCAA's and some of this is because of decisions from KJ and staff.

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    I believe a couple things are out of KJ's control. One being the dual tourney set up prior to Big 12 tourney, but after allotment are given out. I was told this was twofold, one being prep for Nationals and 2 day weigh ins and the other being budget issues, mainly from West Virginia. Also not getting into the National duals eliminated a free date that many schools got an extra 2+ matches.

    I do believe the 6 going to NCO are to get required number of matches. I also think guys like Mayfield and Meeks have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    I think Beard will get an auto berth if he gets the required 17 matches.
    I think Goettl, Finch and Gibson can gain spots with 17 matches and a decent tourney.
    In all, not much to lose for Iowa State and they are wrestling very well right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by buford View Post
    In all, not much to lose for Iowa State and they are wrestling very well right now!
    To say they are wrestling very well right now is subject to debate. You have to consider the teams they are wrestling. They intentionally made the schedule easier this year. I think you might have a different perspective if they were wrestling the same tough schedule they usually do.

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    I would say that with where Iowa State was at last year and early part of this year, that a shut out and 14 of 17 wins being bonus points this past weekend is wrestling well for us. It might be expected for Iowa, Penn State, etc, but many wouldn't have predicted the results that Iowa State have shown lately. History, yes it is expected, but I am happy how the team is performing right now!

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    I do agree as well. Relative to the level of competition they are wrestling well. But Eastern Michigan is not very good. And, for gods sake can somebody that will actually try replace Minkel at Michigan State!!

    Buford, I can understand a tight budget too, but I still look back to the UNI open and KJ not sending the whole team. Right there would have gotten a bunch of the guys at least 2 to 4 matches that weekend. Plus, other tournaments like Lindenwood, etc....that I havent honestly looked at dates of, but they were opportunities. The Big 12 I think will have its day though that it will be forced to disband and go to another conference for wrestling. The Western Regional Conference would be a powerhouse if the 4 remaining teams went there. And, duals during the year would not be an issue to schedule anymore that way as well.

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    We already had 16 competition dates, so we can't send more than 6 guys to an event or it puts us over the limit. Boaz had a bad Midlands and didn't get many matches there and left KJ to try England in a dual, so he lost another match. Individuals can go to additional events as long as it doesn't put the individual over the 16 competition limit. That is the way I was explained it, so we couldn't send the whole team to Lindenwood or UNI Open

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