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Thread: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

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    Default NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Missouri VS Maryland
    125: Waters (Mizz) over Gentry (Mary) Maj. 11-2
    133: McCormick (Mizz) over Alexander (Mary) Dec. 4-1
    141: Hucke (Mizz) over Arechiga (Mary) Dec. 6-2
    149: Houdashelt (Mizz) over Mascola (Mary) Maj. 13-4
    157: Bradley (Mizz) over Orem (Mary) Maj 12-1
    165: Toal (Mizz) over Derobertis (Mary) Dec. 8-1
    174: Asper (Mary) over Porter (Mizz) Dec. 3-1
    184: Sheptock (Mary) over Eblen (Mizz) Maj. 10-2
    197: Boley (Mary) over Haynes (Mizz) Pin 2:59
    285: Bradley (Mizz) wins by Forfeit

    Missouri wins 27-13, wrestles Purdue/Wyoming next.

    Purdue VS Wyoming
    125: Tyler Cox (Wyoming) over Camden Eppert (Purdue) Maj 19-7
    133: Cashé Quiroga (Purdue) over Kasey Garnhart (Wyoming) Maj 12-4
    141: Brandon Nelsen (Purdue) over Zach Zehner (Wyoming) Pin 6:15
    149: Ivan Lopouchanski (Purdue) over Brandon Richardson (Wyoming) Dec 4-1
    157: Andy McCulley (Wyoming) over Tommy Churchard (Purdue) Dec 6-2
    165: Dakota Friesth (Wyoming) over Pat Robinson (Purdue) Dec 7-3
    174: Chad Welch (Purdue) over Lee Helbig (Wyoming) Maj. 13-1
    184: Shane Woods (Wyoming) over Kyle Mosier (Purdue) Dec. 3-2
    197: Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming) over Braden Atwood (Purdue) SV-1 9-7
    285: Alex White (Purdue) over Leland Pfeifer (Wyoming) Dec. 4-1

    Purdue Wins 20-16

    Missouri VS Purdue FINALS!
    125: Alan Waters (Missouri) over Camden Eppert (Purdue) Maj 15-3
    133: Nathan McCormick (Missouri) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
    141: Brandon Nelsen (Purdue) over Nicholas Hucke (Missouri) Dec 8-4
    149: Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) over Frankie Porras (Purdue) TF 20-5
    157: Tommy Churchard (Purdue) over Kyle Bradley (Missouri) Dec 9-5
    165 Pat Robinson (Purdue) over Trevor Wiest (Missouri) Dec 6-1
    174 Todd Porter (Missouri) over Chad Welch (Purdue) Maj 17-4
    184 Johnny Eblen (Missouri) over Andrew Wiseman (Purdue) Maj 15-2
    197 Braden Atwood (Purdue) over Brent Haynes (Missouri) Pin 3:13
    285 Dominque Bradley (Missouri) over Alex White (Purdue) Maj 21-7

    Missouri Wins 27-15 and takes 1st.

    Wyoming VS Maryland 3rd place match
    125 Tyler Cox (Wyoming) over Shane Gentry (Maryland) SV-1 13-11
    133 Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland) over Kasey Garnhart (Wyoming) Dec 11-7
    141 McCade Ford (Wyoming) over Shane Arechiga (Maryland) Dec 5-4
    149 Louis Mascola (Maryland) over Brandon Richardson (Wyoming) Dec 4-2
    157 Andy McCulley (Wyoming) over Danny Orem (Maryland) Dec 8-1
    165 Dakota Friesth (Wyoming) over Domenic Derobertis (Maryland) Dec 6-3
    174 Josh Asper (Maryland) over Lee Helbig (Wyoming) Dec 9-5
    184 Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland) over Shane Woods (Wyoming) Maj 13-2
    197 Christian Boley (Maryland) over Michael Poulos (Wyoming) Maj 13-3
    285 Dallas Brown (Maryland) over Leland Pfeifer (Wyoming) Dec. 8-5

    Maryland wins 20-12 and takes 3rd
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    Default Re: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Purdue forefitted 133 against Mizzou? Even if Cashe is hurt, they have Sabatello

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    Default Re: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Kudos to the walk-on fat kid Alex White. Just won the biggest match of his life.

    EMU Open (11/3) J. Smith, Michigan W MD 11-2
    EMU Open (11/3) A. Tumlin, Findlay L D 7-10
    EMU Open (11/3) A. Bunce, NIU W D 6-3
    EMU Open (11/3) K. Christman, Tiffin L D 3-7
    Old Dominion (11/10) M. Tourdot, ODU L SV 1-3
    Missouri (11/10) D. Bradley, Missouri (4) L MD 3-11
    Loras (11/17) J. Buss, Loras W D 2-0
    CCSJ (11/17) No opponent, CCSJ W Forfeit 6
    Northern Illinois (11/17) J. Torrence, NIU W TB 2-1
    Purdue Duals (12/16) J. Jude, Iowa Western W D 2-1
    Purdue Duals (12/16) D. Devine, SIUE L D 2-3
    Midlands (12/29) E. Thompson, Grandview L D 2-8
    Midlands (12/29) C. Manna, Columbia W Fall 5:41
    Midlands (12/29) P. Catrucco, Clarion L D 3-7
    Big Ten Dual (1/4) M. McClure, Michigan St. L D 1-8
    Big Ten Dual (1/6) B. Telford, Iowa L D 1-4
    Big Ten Dual (1/11) C. Lopez, Illinois L D 3-4
    Big Ten Dual (1/20) J. Gingrich, Penn St. L D 1-4
    Big Ten Dual (1/28) C. Medbery, Wisconsin L D 3-8
    Big Ten Dual (2/1) M. McMullan, Northwestern L D 2-9
    Big Ten Dual (2/3) B. Apland, Michigan L D 3-10
    Big Ten Dual (2/11) A. Chalfant, Indiana (12) L D 4-10
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    Default Re: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Haynes had a rough day!

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    Default Re: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    Purdue forefitted 133 against Mizzou? Even if Cashe is hurt, they have Sabatello
    Cashe and Lopo at 149 didn't go ? both hurt?

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    Default Re: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Tyler Cox had a good day. glad to see

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    Default Re: NWCA National Duals, Missouri Region

    Tyler Cox keepin it going according to track

    Tyler Cox (Wyoming) won by major decision over Martin(Josh) Martinez (Air Force) 12-4

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