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Thread: Alan Waters new #1 at 125!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalconWrestlingKY View Post
    Hence I Captilize Everything In Order To Not Make Any Mistakes
    Spelling "capitalize" incorrectly makes it ironic.

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    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    All I'm saying is, conference tournaments can't come soon enough!
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    Burnsie, this is clearly one of the best and most important discussions we have had on TWT. Conference tournaments can wait, we have the E/earth to save.

    This conversation has had me nearly rolling on the floor. I have enjoyed it right up to and including the well played "poop" defense.

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    You guys usually don't have a very good sense of humor, but you got me rolling today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    I actually said Delgado because when all else is equal, I'll side with quickness any day of the week, which Delgado has.

    I've said it since the days that I boxed, but there's no defense for quick, and why I also laughed when people thought that Howe had a chance against Burroughs. I took a serious drubbing for that one, but homey knew that he was WAY too quick for Howe's flat feet.

    Yes, because Bouroughs really ran Howe off the match. The match in which he tore his hammstring, still finished and was coming back on him at the end of the match trying to take him down and let him up to win.

    But man, you love taking credit for predictions(or even predictions you never actually made).

    I would say that it's pretty asinine that you would say it's "laughable," that a HEALTHY Howe could beat Burroughs. And in fact, I'll put my money on Howe winning the next matchup provided he's completely healed up. He's suffered two pretty ugly injuries vs Burroughs and has been right there with him.

    What's more, I'm pretty sure there have been quicker quys that McDonough has faced during his 3 trips to the finals and his 5 CAREER losses. And yet, he's still the one going for a 3rd title and a fourth appearance in the finals.

    To just break it down to quickness and bring up one example(and not a great one as Burroughs isn't exactly a weakling who gets by on his quickness alone is cherry picking. I also don't see what boxing has to do with the sport of wrestling. TOTALLY different sports.

    How about Ben Askren. How many guys was he realistically "quicker," than in his four trips to the finals?

    Not to mention, isn't Delgado the same guy who got beat pretty soundly by Iowa's backup earlier this year? Sorry, I just find it ridiculous to breakdown wrestling into such a simplistic way. Was Delgado quicker than Megaludis?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    And also with the understanding that I didn't say that quickness alone will win matches, but it's sure an advantage and even tougher to defend.

    Not exactly real far out on that ledge you're going.

    So quickness HELPS you win matches....but it's not the only factor.

    My god, I've been searching for the secret to wrestling my whole life and I think I just found it! Again, your Burroughs example, Burroughs was HUGE and extremely explosive and yet at the end of the match, it was 10-8 with Howe wearing him down with a torn hammy.

    I also don't think the Howe-Burroughs books is quite closed yet.....
    "The true and present danger to America is conservatism!" -Abraham Lincoln

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    Pretty sure that the Burroughs/Howe match is not the one he tore his hamstring.

    Scratch that. I KNOW it wasn't the match he tore his hamstring. It was against Polz. 5 matches later. If you're going to spout off, check your facts.
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    Jordan Burroughs vs. Andrew Howe 2012 Olympic Team Trials - YouTube

    Are you talking about this one? Howe looks very good but loses anyway, and gets hurt at the end. Like I said before, Burroughs has a much superior resume, but head-to-head Howe is not far off. It seems to me like Howe's power and tie-up control frustrates Burroughs to some degree. Then again, Burrouhgs is 4-0 against him (I think) so it can't be too frustrating

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