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Thread: PSU vs Iowa Dual

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocell View Post
    Congrats to Iowa. They had the mental toughness to win the close ones and got the most out of their bonus point opportunities. Granted Ramos and Ballweg wrestled against unranked wrestlers, but they both looked awfully good manhandling their competetion. I'd give Ramos a decent chance of beating Stieber based on Stieber's injury this year and Ramos' dominance all year long. Taylor and Ruth are takedown machines - looking like cats playing with a ball of yarn - that was a lot of fun to watch.

    Thanks to all the athletes who competed tonight. I was looking forward to this dual all week and it was amazing and still exceeded my expectations.
    133 - No. 1 Logan Stieber pinned No. 8 Daryl Thomas (Illinois), 2:04

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    Stieber and Ramos are both in beast mode this year, really looking forward to their matches.

    On the other hand, the PSU team needs to sack up if they want to beat a team like Iowa. I'm not saying this as an Iowa fan (because I'm not a fan of any one team), but Iowa was better prepared and more aggressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhippetGrappler View Post
    133 - No. 1 Logan Stieber pinned No. 8 Daryl Thomas (Illinois), 2:04
    Yes, it's looking like Stieber's injury hasn't slowed him down much. He's picking right up where he left off pre-injury - dominating even the best guys. I thought Graff might be in the mix at this weight, but it's looking more like a 2 horse race with Ramos and Stieber, with Stieber still the favorite.

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    What a great match and great atmosphere! Congrats to the Iowa faithful on a well deserved win. A few thoughts...

    125 - Honestly I thought Nico looked like the better wrestler. He pushed the pace, controlled the ties and was seconds away from the winning takedown, twice. I can't remember McDonough even taking a shot. Nico's mistake was complaining to the ref in SV instead of trying to escape. But McDonough gutted it out and deserves all the credit. I hope they meet one more time in March, I like Nico's chances.

    133 - Ramos is a beast, no question. I was hoping Jordan could keep it to a 4 pt tech but Ramos wasn't having it, kept the crowd amped and the mo going.

    141 - Wasn't sure what to expect from Pearsall. Thought he wrestled well to start but Ballweg eventually exerted his will and showed his superiority.

    149 - Well... I started out hoping for the fall and by the end was hoping to just hang on for the major. Once again AA exhibits the same MO, starts strong then fades badly. He had that high crotch single all day but lacked the energy to execute it in the 3rd. Good job by Grothus to push him and keep it to a major. Gibbons made a good point that there's practice room shape and then there's match shape. AA needs to get in much better match shape if he's going to make the podium in March. He's such an incredible talent but can't help but feel disappointed by his performance.

    157 - Thought DA finally had an answer for DSJ but once again gets out scrambled by him at the end and loses a close one. Still, came away liking the effort. DSJ didn't show me anything to suggest he's separated himself from the pack. Should there be a rematch I think it's a toss-up.

    165 - Moore gets the award for best impersonation of a rock. How he wasn't constantly hit with stalling is beyond me. Great patience by Taylor to get the TF even though he really wanted the fall.

    174 - All I can say is wow and kudos to Evans. Brown obviously needs to learn to finish better but how anyone can say he's not for real after seeing that match is just an idiot. Evans impressed the hell out of me with his tenacity. Anyone who can withstand the punishment Brown dishes out and come out on top deserves much respect. My neck was sore just from watching.

    184 - Great job by Gambrall to neutralize Ruth's go-to cradle. You could tell Ed was a little flummoxed at times and was trying to figure out what else he could do. Honestly I was a little disappointed in his performance but I guess when someone is that good you have higher expectations for them. And again a lot of credit needs to be given to Gambrall for stalling his ass off on bottom and not give him anything to work with.

    197 - Burak also neutralized Q enough to keep the score down. Q was trying to go to the well one too many times with his new favorite move, the spread eagle, but Burak was not having it. Still I would have liked to have seen Q open it up a bit more but maybe that's just a credit to Burak. Q can be unpredictable but that's the joy in watching him wrestle so I'll take it for what it is, a solid decision.

    Hwt - Really had no idea what to expect from Gingrich here but hoped he would hang better than he did. Telford dominated and I have no doubt if a major was needed he would've gotten it.

    Overall I wasn't completely disheartened; one second more at 125 or one slight adjustment at 174 and the match goes the other way. Or maybe I'm just looking at the glass half-full. Congrats again to Iowa on a great win. Can't wait for March!

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