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Discuss Minnesota vs Illinois - Monday night! at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Very exciting dual coming up Monday night in Minnesota. The #7 Fighting Illini come to ...
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    Default Minnesota vs Illinois - Monday night!

    Very exciting dual coming up Monday night in Minnesota. The #7 Fighting Illini come to town for Big Ten wrestling action. Although Minnesota is higher ranked, Illinois has some very good match ups that could turn the dual in their favor.

    125 #12 David Thorn faces #5 Jesse Delgado. Delgado is a tough customer that hit the radar last year when he notched a win over NCAA Champ McDonogh from Iowa. Both Thorn and Delgado have big gas tanks that should insure that this match is action until the very end. Gopher fans are hungry for a Thorn win, but it won't come against Delgado. Watch for Delgado to take an early lead and Thorn to spend the match trying to catch up. IF Thorn gets the first takedown.....he will come out with a win. Delgado dec.

    ILL 3 MN 0

    133 #6 Chris Dardanes faces #17 Thomas. Dardanes has been wrestling well lately and should be able to shut down Thomas' quick shots by staying close and hand fighting (Dardanes specialty). Dardanes dec.

    MN 3 ILL 3

    141 #10 Nick Dardanes faces #3 BJ Futrell. Futrell is quick and can get in on your legs and finish before you know it. This is another match that will be decided by the first takedown. IF Dardanes get it, he'll try to ride Futrell as long as possible to wear him down. Most likely, Futrell will strike early (and often) and win this match easily. He will fight for a major but not get it. Futrell dec.

    ILL 6 MN 3

    149 Dylan Ness #7 vs a good freshman named Ervin. Ervin may score a point or two, but Ness will eventually catch and throw Ervin to pick up the fall.

    MN 9 ILL 6

    157 David Zilverberg vs Dooley or Nora. This is a very important weight for the Gophers, not just for this meet, but for this years hopes of a National Championship. I expect Zilverberg to grab an early ankle pick and ride the Illinois kid for most of the match. If he can turn the kid he picks up a major. But that is unlikely. Zilverberg dec.

    MN 12 ILL 6

    165 Cody Yohn #12 vs #9 Conrad Polz. If Yohn is going to AA this year, he will have to beat Polz. Polz a returning AA is not a push over and I expect him to steal a close one over Yohn. Polz dec.

    MN 12 ILL 9

    174 #2 Logan Storely vs #7 Jordan Blanton. Many expect this to be the match of the night. I don't. Storley will establish himself early and win a decision with ease. No chance of a major here unless Storely can't hit his cheap tilt. Storley dec

    MN 15 ILL 9

    184 #5 Kevin Steinhaus vs #14 Tony Dallago. Steinhaus is relentless and will pick up an easy decision over the ranked opponent. Steinhaus dec.
    MN 18 ILL 9

    197 #11 Scott Schiller vs #11 Mario Gonzalez. This will be the match of the night. Both wrestlers are solid and will fight for a win. Expect Gonzales to use his experience to beat the less experienced Schiller. Gonzales dec.

    MN 18 ILL 12

    Hwt #2 Tony Nelson vs ? (apparently Walker is out for the season). Tony wins an easy match 3-2.

    Gophers win 21 to 12

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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Illinois - Monday night!

    Don't be surprised if NE knocks off the Illini tonight. Sueflohn, Green, Kokesh, and Ihnen rack up the expected wins. Koehn is a probable go at 165 and could mild upset Polz. Johnson at hvy may get 1st B1G win.
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Illinois - Monday night!

    Same way that someone said to never bet against Dake again, I say never bet against Blanton. He defines the word "crafty" to me and he knows how to win tough matches.
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