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Thread: Edinboro Tri-Meet Videos

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    Default Edinboro Tri-Meet Videos

    All three of Edinboro's duals this past weekend are posted here.

    Gofer, heres your shot to look at Jarrod King, you know that absolute steal that I got for you.

    FYI, videos don't seem to work in Firefox, IE they're fine though.
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    King looked good this weekend at the duals. It was great to see him in an Edinboro singlet this weeked, that is for sure. The last time we had a King at 165 it was his older brother Matt who was an AA.
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    Just watched Gillespie's matches.

    The dude from Army he wrestled he was just better than, I think he got one take down, then the rest was just running the tilt train.

    The D2 guy from Mercyhurst wrestled him surprisingly tough, he seemed to frustrate Gillespie a little bit, at least as frustrated as one could be about a match they won 17-4.

    I don't think the match against Letters was as close as the 6-0 score showed, Gillespie spent the second period working riding out and working for tilts, that Letters did a nice job defending, however if he had cut him and gone for TD's I think the score would have been wider, Gillespie like Dustin Schlatter does a great job of transitioning from take downs right into his tilts

    I think it'll be really interesting to see how the 157 guys decide to wrestle Gillespie, the guy from Army, and Letters employed the strategy that Simmons and Dubuque used to use against Ott, go down to one knee and work from there, the Mercyhurst guy didn't really go to a knee, but he still spent most of his time on the feet out in space.

    The guy I'm really interested to see wrestle Gillespie is CP in the possible "revenge match."

    I really think CP's style on his feet where he puts the match into a phone booth is really the style you have to wrestle to beat Gillespie, he's far too slick for you to let him work out in space at all. Dustin let him out in space for a few seconds last year, and wound up walking right into that double.

    CP showed in matches last year with Morningstar, and Poeta that if he wrestles slick guys tight, they have a lot of trouble. Now Gillespie is obviously better than Morningstar, and arguably better than Poeta. I'm excited to see how it goes down, if it does in fact wind up going down.

    Southern Scuffle anyone?
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    yeah, i owe jensens for getting me jarrod king with my reserve pick...nice pick up jensens...if i win with these guys a six pack will be coming your way...
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    Here's some more ink about King in the Erie paper.

    Nice article.

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