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Discuss Alton boys to test Cael's zero tolerance policy at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The American concept of drinking and the European concept of drinking are polar opposites. I ...
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    Default Re: Alton boys to test Cael's zero tolerance policy

    The American concept of drinking and the European concept of drinking are polar opposites. I of course was too young when I lived in Europe to notice it. My father working with NATO gets to experience it a lot. I have been hanging out with a couple French girls lately and been forced to settle for casual wine drinking several times. I will be happy if Cael suspends them for Scuffle I don't see the need for anymore following a first offense
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    Default Re: Alton boys to test Cael's zero tolerance policy

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    THIS is why ZERO TOLERANCE will always fail-kids will always mess up-if Cael let's either Alton wrestle again i'll consider Cael a whore 4 ever.
    I'm certain he'll be devastated.
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