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Thread: Future NCAA's

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    Default Future NCAA's

    I was just doing some checking on the future venues for the NCAA's and have a question. Has anyone heard where the 2015 Championships will be? It sounds like Atlanta, GA or Boston, MA kinda has the edge right now but can't confirm that. Just seeing where I will be headed down the road.


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    It would be great if I could get it down in Atlanta, GA. I could make that work!
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    St louis every year. Thats my vote.
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    Default Re: Future NCAA's

    Indianapolis , Indiana -seriously-the absolute best venue for any sport !!
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    They did a great job with the superbowl i heard. I think its a smart choice also. Midwest just seems right for ncaas.
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    I would say Atlanta should get it only if Georgia tech or Clemson start a wrestling program back up. Otherwise no way should it be down there.

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    Hopefully it is somewhere fun is all I care. I want it similar to St. Louis in that the hotel, bars and arena are within walking distance or each other.

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    I vote Vegas.

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    Boston MA would be awesome for me, but I can't believe it would be good for the rest of the wrestling community

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