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Thread: Future NCAA's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chop View Post
    Hopefully it is somewhere fun is all I care. I want it similar to St. Louis in that the hotel, bars and arena are within walking distance or each other.
    Indianapolis is built (truly) for sports revenue . Shuttle buses are provided so you can drink til you pass out and then get taken back to your hotel w/o getting a ticket or mugged .THE ONLY thing not provided are hookers and when you get in town give me a call and I got your hook up !!
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    Obviously my vote goes HEAVILY in favor of Atlanta!!!

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    The Rose Garden in Portland would be a great spot for it.
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    Olympic Trials in Indy were fun, all the main hotels are connected so I don't think my buddy and I had to step outside for a good three days

    Being a selfish Chicago-native who doesn't like to fly I'd say no to Atlanta. St. Louis every year also works for me. Though I'm looking forward to doing OKC again, they did a bang up job last time.

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    Philadelphia, Boston and Atlanta have been listed as cities that have bid on 2015, as well as St. Louis, who is rumored to have placed a permanent bid. I'm guessing after Des Moines and Oklahoma City it will move east in 2015.

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    St. Louis every year would just be perfect! that venue was fantastic and yes with all the hotels, bars and other entertainment in walking distance, it's just perfect!

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    Nationwide Arena in Columbus would be a very nice place for it. Lots of Entertainment and Food nearby.

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    St. Louis has been the best venue thus far and I would love to see it there every year. However, I also think it is good for wrestling to move it around occasionally as they are doing right now, but there have to be some mandatory criteria met by a host city--seating for 16,000+ and adequate floor space for wrestlers and media, hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the arena adequate to hold all teams and a large percentage of fans, and an airport where you can fly direct for a reasonable price from other major cities. It's also great if it's within driving distance for a large number of fans, as both St. Louis and Philadelphia are. I live near DC so Philly was an easy drive for me, but lacked the walkable hotels and restaurants that St. Louis has. With all of our efforts to promote wrestling and to make it financially viable for colleges, why does the NCAA committee repeat the mistakes of Iowa City and award the tournament to a city with an arena that shuts out 3,000+ fans, makes us stay 10 miles out, rent a car and fight for parking, plus pay more for flights if we are coming from a distance, since there are very few direct flights to Des Moines (only 1 very expensive one out of 3 major DC area airports). I appreciate the idea that Iowa and Oklahoma fans deserve to have the event nearby occasionally, but they need to find a place that meets the above criteria. Omaha is on the border and easily accessible to Iowa fans and much superior to Des Moines as a host site. 3000+ fewer tickets at $170-210 translates into lost revenue of $600,000+ and I find it hard to believe that the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce is subsidizing those lost dollars. Makes no sense to me.

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    I don't think Indianapolis is a likely candidate given that it always seems to be in the mix for NCAA basketball.

    As for Atlanta, the fact that it's even being considered after all the "boycott Greensboro cause they don't have D1 wrestling anymore" tirades is pretty hypocritical.
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