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Discuss NYC Duals at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; A lot of big teams are wrestling this Sunday at the NYC Duals: OSU, Iowa, ...
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    Default NYC Duals

    A lot of big teams are wrestling this Sunday at the NYC Duals: OSU, Iowa, tOSU, Cornell, Missouri among others. Looks like Cornell is in the best match-ups wrestling both OSU and Missouri. Iowa and tOSU don't have too challenging opponents.

    The biggest individual pairing will be Dake vs Caldwell. Gotta go with Dake, but probably low scoring.

    How do you see Cornell vs OSU and Cornell vs Missouri?

    OSU vs Cornell

    125 UR Klimara vs #11 Garrett Cornell Dec 0-3
    133 #8 Morrison vs #9 Arujau OSU Dec 3-3
    141 #20 Feikert vs #10 Nevinger Cornell Dec 3-6
    149 #1 Oliver vs #20 Villalonga OSU fall 9-6
    157 #9 Dieringer vs UR Dowdy OSU Dec 12-6
    165 #3 Caldwell vs #1 Dake Cornell Dec 12-9
    174 #1 Perry vs UR Pickett OSU MD 16-9
    184 #13 Chionuma vs #2 Bosak OSU Dec 19-9 (I put Bosak in because the line-up looks better, but Scott wrestles)
    197 #7 Rosholt vs UR Bennett OSU Dec 22-9
    Hwt #3 Gelogaev vs UR Lane OSU MD 25-9

    Cornell vs Missouri (a closer match-up)

    125 #11 Garrett vs #4 Waters Miss Dec 3-0 (re-match of CKLVI finals)
    133 #7 McCormick vs #9 Arujau Miss Dec 6-0
    141 UR Hucke vs #10 Nevinger Cornell Dec 6-3
    149 #17 Houdashelt vs #20 Villalonga Cornell Dec 6-6
    157 UR Bradley vs UR Dowdy Miss Dec 9-6
    165 #14 Toal vs #1 Dake Cornell Dec 9-9
    174 UR Porter vs UR Pickett Cornell Dec 12-9
    184 #8 Larson vs UR Scott Miss Dec 12-12
    197 #12 Haynes vs UR Bennett Miss Dec 15-12
    Hwt #2 Bradley vs UR Lane Miss Dec 18-12

    Some of these guys I don't know that well. Cornell without Bosak sure hurts them. But these two look like the best match-ups. Iowa wrestles Hofstra and Bucknell. Ohio St wrestles Maryland and Hofstra. Ok State's other match is against UTC. Missouri's other match is against Bloomsburg. Definitely the highlight is Dake vs Caldwell!! A re-match of Garrett vs Waters should be interesting as well, as Garrett is making some noise as a FR.

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    Default Re: NYC Duals

    Three-point major decision for Gelogaev?

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    Default Re: NYC Duals

    Quote Originally Posted by SetonHallPirate View Post
    Three-point major decision for Gelogaev?
    SHP--I can see that you have an eye for detail!!

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