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Discuss Iowa23-Lehigh 9 at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125-Matt McDonough (IA) fall Alex Abreu (Leh) 2:05 133-Tony Ramos (IA) maj Cody Kievman (Leh) ...
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    Default Iowa23-Lehigh 9

    125-Matt McDonough (IA) fall Alex Abreu (Leh) 2:05
    133-Tony Ramos (IA) maj Cody Kievman (Leh) 12-3
    141-Mark Ballweg (IA) maj Anthony Salupo (Leh) 15-5
    149-Mike Kelly (IA) dec Shane Welsh (Leh) 9-4
    157-Derek St. John (IA) dec Joey Napoli (Leh) 6-0
    165-Nick Moore (IA) dec Eric Hess (Leh) 7-4
    174-Nathaniel Brown (Leh) dec Grant Gambrall (IA) 3-2
    184-Robert Hamlin (Leh) dec Ethen Lofthouse (IA) 9-4
    197-John Bolich (Leh) dec Nathan Burak (IA) 3-2
    285-Bobby Telford (IA) dec Jack Delia (Leh) 11-4
    May be the last we see of Gambrall as a 174 .
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    Default Re: Iowa23-Lehigh 9

    Bolich over Burak?
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    Default Re: Iowa23-Lehigh 9

    I honestly think this match was a positive overall...
    133-Thought we might see a tech but Ramos is just a machine
    141-Most impressive wrestler for the hawks this year in my opinion. The amount of offense he is showing on his feet is much better than what I have seen in the past. Add that to his already solid matt wrestling and I think the Hawks have an AA at this weight. Huge boost
    149-This is the first time I have had hope at this weight for quite some time. Kelly took it to a solid opponent for the first time as a Hawk. Can he finally show some consistent offense?
    157-Not even close!!! Huge statement wins by St. John. If anyone questioned who the favorite was for this weight St. John has an answer for you
    165-Word on the street is that Nick has been sick, but he gets his second win in a row over a solid opponent. I really think he has an outside shot at being an AA if he shows steady improvement throughout the year.
    174-Don't care what happened here because Mike Evans is the man and would have had a chance at majoring Brown
    184-I was hoping for more out of Lofthouse but Hamlin is a stud. I still expect Ethen to AA but it might be in the 6-8 range again as opposed to the 3-4.
    197-We need a miracle. I get the sense that Burak is fully committed but lacks confidence in his offense. The only shots I have really seen him take are half hearted attempts at an ankle pick. He is more talented than he is showing and I really hope they can get this worked out.
    285-Bobby has also been sick but there are no worries for me here. If he stays aggressive he'll be fine.

    In summary:
    No Worries: 125,133,157,174,184,285
    I'm becoming a believer: 141,165
    Cautiously optimistic:149
    Concerned is an understatement: 197

    Looks like up to 8 AA, multiple champs and 9 qualifiers. Even with 197 looking bleak some of those other question marks seem to be trending in the right direction

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    Default Re: Iowa23-Lehigh 9

    Agree 1stplace.
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    Default Re: Iowa23-Lehigh 9

    Considering both Moore and Telford on the tail end of the flu. they did pretty well. I think the thing with Burak is mental
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