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Thread: Who could have thought?

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    I actually Can See Gillispie winning 157 although I don't think that he will. I say this because he's not a wrestler that relies heavily on his strength. Usually wrestlers who do, don't fair as well at a higher weight class. He's more of wrestler to rely on Speed, quickness and technique. As long as the extra 8 pounds don't slow him down, I don't see him being any worse off at 157. Does that mean he'll win a National Championship? No, but change a move here or there, he could have easily finished 2nd or 3rd last year too.
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    I actually think the move up will help Gillespie out, he was a very, very big 149, and with Matt Hill, and Deonte Penn occupying the weight classes above him it would have been foolish to bump those guys around

    Both matches he lost last year, at least I think he only lost two were to Leen, and Jauregui he started off both matches hot, against Leen he just couldn't score late and got 5 pointed in OT, and Jauregui with an assist from Ambrose out cardioed him, and benefited from some stalling calls.
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    Gregor is definitely a 157 lber. I saw him a few times over the summer and he was definitely "bigger" than before. He was lifting quite a bit as well. He looks good at 157, and I think this will be another great season for him.

    Agreeing with Jensens since Hill and Penn left, it definitely gave him the opportunity to move up, and let his body grow.
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    He was huge at 149 last year, I didnt think he deserved to make the finals last year but I think hes definately a title threat at 157

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