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Thread: Minnesota vs Ok State

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    Default Minnesota vs Ok State

    The first big dual of the season is this Sunday. Who do you think will win? Here are my predictions:

    125--Thorn Dec Minn 3-0
    133--Dardanes Dec Minn 6-0
    141--Dardanes Dec Minn 9-0
    149--Oliver Fall Minn 9-6 (assuming Ness doesn't wrestle)
    157--Dieringer MD OSU 10-9
    165--Caldwell Dec OSU 13-9
    174--Perry Dec OSU 16-9
    184--Steinhaus Dec OSU 16-12
    197--Rosholt Dec OSU 19-12
    Hwt--Gelogaev Dec OSU 22-12

    Minn needs to break through somehow at 2 out of 4 among 133, 174, 197, Hwt. They might win one of those, but I doubt 2 of them, IMHO!

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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    We have some bonus coming to us in 1 or 2 of the first three. Lange needs to hold it to a TF and I think Schiller wins at 197.

    I think it's 18-17 Ok State. With Ness it's 17-16 Gophers.
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    C.Dardanes missed the Bison duals so I wonder if he'll wrestle ?
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    He had the flu, he's back I think. They said a few guys had the flu that weekend.
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    I've heard Zilverburg may go at 157, that could keep it to a decision. That's an important point in theory.

    I like Dolezal at 157 in the long run but Zilverburg is kind of a "specialist" at not giving up bonus and I think keeps it close. Dolezal is no slouch but he's raw. I'm just glad we aren't counting on Ortiz in situations like that. Him getting pinned slapped around against Iowa last year in a match that looked close on paper was brutal.
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    There will definately be bonus for Minnesota at 141. If Morrison can pull his act together a big win against Dardanes could put him back on track to match his pre-staph infection hype. Chionuma also has a chance to make a name for himself but I highly doubt he does better then say a 5-2 loss. Ok State is gonna have to rely on bonus from JO, Caldwell, Perry, and Z in all of those cases except JO (assuming no Ness) bonus is highly unlikely. But it is the job of your big guns to get you bonus in any situation.
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    I'm wondering about N Dardanes's stamina in early season. He lost early bouts to Nevinger and Vieth last year and this year, which seemed to be wind issues (Nevinger definitely was). I'm wondering if he has the early season stamina to take a MD from Feikert. If Ness is in the line-up that would really help Minn if it comes down to 5-5 in bouts.

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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    You also have to look at the Home advantage. Still, that being said, without Ness in the line-up, we need probably a pin in one of the first three matches or an "upset". Its strange to consider the #1 returning heavyweight champ an upset over Gelogaev but until I see Nelson beat him, I think its Gelogaev's nod. I think your 22-12 is considerably off, though in Stillwater I could see that happening. I think its going to be a 3 point dual and Minnesota will have to get the upset or a pin to win. Really looking forward to the dual. With Penn State not on the schedule this year, this and Iowa will be our two big duals until National Duals.
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    Default Re: Minnesota vs Ok State

    I was calculating the score as I picked each bout and was also surprised at the margin. But, that's how I see each bout going (assuming no Ness). It wouldn't surprise me for Minn to get one of the closer bouts, but I don't see them winning the dual without Ness and a couple of upsets. I don't see 133 getting bonus for Minn. But I agree that Thorn is a wildcard and he could pull a fall. Conversely, despite how good Caldwell and Perry are, I don't see them getting bonus either. I'm very interested to see Schilling tested against Rosholt. I think Rosholt is too much for him this time--but could well be surprised. Wouldn't it be something if it came down to Hwt?!!

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