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Thread: Iowa wrestlers Suspended

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    they are in iowa for cryin out loud. all that is there are wrestlers and wildlife... add a bb gun and an overzealous campus cop and viola

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    This reminds me of "Vacation" and John Candy's character as the "overzealous" campus cop.
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    When I went to college had a 16 guage shotgun, a .30/30 and a .30/06 in the room. Deer hunting, goose and duck hunting was the reason.
    Also, high quality BB guns are capable of killing squirrils and good quality pellet rifles can take deer, coyotes and even Buffalo.

    The paranoia over "what might happen" sure doesn't extend to motor vehicles - which are used in more than 90% of bank robberies.

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    Weapon in the dorm room, even if a pellet gun is enough to get them booted out of campus housing, if not out of school. Campus admins don't take kindly to weapons of any kind on campus.
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    Foolish? Dangerous?

    Given that virtually every college campus has banned weapons (or near weapons like BB guns, paintball guns, etc) it is impossible to argue the move wasn't foolish. Especially for students & athletes who represent the school (some receiving full or partial scholarship in return), it is inexcusable.

    I understand many people trying to argue that the rule shouldn't exist because it isn't dangerous. However, given how many hunters shoot other people every year, this premise is tough to defend. This Monday is "deer day' in PA - the first official day of rifle hunting season. It is also the day that my wife and I make sure to catch the local news to hear how many hunters shot each other, and in what increasingly stupid and disturbing ways.

    My personal favorite- the guy who was loading his rifle while still in his vehicle (illegal) who shot his buddy in the ass before he even got out of the parking lot.
    Neither guy got to see a deer that day which is probably best for them because I bet every deer in the area was laughing at them.

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    Paranoia rules. Can't understand the folks who wear Bright Orange when hunting either. Idaho doesn't make us do that and we have no more shooting accidents than anywhere else.
    Having a rifle or shotgun in the room is not a threat to much of anything. Stupid people will always find a way to screw up no matter what is involved.

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    If I had a son at college and his roommate had a gun, I'd have a problem with that, that's not me being paranoid. That's me recognizing that college kids, drinking and guns don't usually mix.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    I know nothing about Iowa's campus, but it's possible that there are maybe some more wooded areas on campus that is technically Iowa's property, but not near where people are. I find it hard to believe these guys are running around in front of dorms shooting rabbits. Still bad judgement.
    Iowa Campus is very large and there are quite a few wooded areas around plus the Iowa river runs right through campus plenty of places to hunt game. Not that its a smart idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    These guys are knuckleheads for sure. Using a gun on campus is dumb. BB guns can be mistaken for other types of serious guns. However, lets let common sense prevail. They were shooting rabits with bb guns, something every ten year old kid has done since the invention of bb guns. I hope they get some medicine for the gun on campus thing, but I hope the medicine isn't very strong. bb guns are not assault rifles, or even 20 guage shot guns.


    A minor punishment and a "that was stupid, don't do it again" speech seems like a reasonable course to take for these guys.

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