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    Did any of you sign up for Flowrestling Technique Wave's subscription in order to see the all-star match? Have any of you successfully cancelled the subscription? I signed up and greatly enjoyed watching the all-star match. Today I tried to cancel it and kept going in circles based on their instructions and couldn't find a way to cancel. It sure was a lot easier to sign up for it!! They make it very complicated to try to cancel. If any of you have successfully done so, can you let me in on the secret?

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    Sorry, guys. It looks like my subscription was cancelled after all. I'm not a high-tech guy and something I did must have worked (but I have no idea what).

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    The process seems confusing and there's quite a few people having trouble on the other boards. They seemed to be getting resolved, just taking a little time since they got a whole bunch of signups/cancellations at one time.

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