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Thread: MN Heavyweight Nelson

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    Two big surprises for me: I always thought that Clayton Jack looked HUGE (not the case), and that, my man, Christian Brantley tops the list.

    I will also guarantee all of you that Brantley was the shortest of all of these guys, thus shedding some light on how much weight he packed into such a "small" area!
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    Its not how much you weigh, its how you use it and where you apply it. (That just doesn't come out well no matter how many times I tried to figure out how to say it better)
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    Thanks Shane, great info.
    In general, I'm surprised at how many are in the 220-240 range as compared to the 255-270 range.

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    MOJO tells some great stories -one about Pete Lee from Muncie ,In. and how he used to get a running start and splash MOJO -Lee tried that crap on my friend Tom Zupansky and Tom caught him and threw him into the scorers table ! Zup was 5'8'' 305 and benched Planets .
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    Eric bugenhagen!!!!!
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