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Discuss Would more scholarships help wrestling? at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Wrestling is one of the few sports that is restricted to fewer scholarships (9.9) than ...
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    Default Would more scholarships help wrestling?

    Wrestling is one of the few sports that is restricted to fewer scholarships (9.9) than are 'required' for a starting lineup (10). I wonder what the impact on the sport would be if that number were increased to the 12-15 range.

    Would it help strengthen participation in both the college and high school level?
    Would it have the reverse effect because schools would have trouble funding the extra slots and possibly cut wrestling?

    Would it improve balance (more kids able to get full scholarships at more schools) or further consolidate power in the top few (top programs take and possibly sit more good kids)?

    For anyone interested, here are the scholarship limits for men and women's NCAA division I programs:

    Baseball/softball 11.7 12
    Basketball 13 15
    Bowling 0 5
    Equestrian 0 15
    Fencing 4.5 5
    Field hockey 0 12
    Football 85 0
    Golf 4.5 6
    Gymnastics 6.3 12
    Ice hockey 18 18
    Lacrosse 12.6 12
    Rifle 3.6 0
    Rowing 0 20
    Rugby 0 12
    Sand volleyball 0 3*
    Skiing 6.3 7
    Soccer 9.9 14
    Swimming/diving 9.9 14
    Tennis 4.5 8
    Track and field/
    12.6 18
    Volleyball 4.5 12
    Water polo 4.5 8
    Wrestling 9.9 0

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    Default Re: Would more scholarships help wrestling?

    This brings me back to a speech I gave on Title IX last year. None of the girls in my class ever talked to me again and my girlfriend (who was in the class with me) broke up with me a couple weeks later, coincidence? I THINK NOT.
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    Default Re: Would more scholarships help wrestling?

    Agreed falcon-Title IX will (hopefully) be overturned one day.
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Default Re: Would more scholarships help wrestling?

    Title IX is bullcrap and we all know it. Remember high school? three times as many guys played sports as girls. And then in college it is suppose to be even? Football scholarships need to be cut in half! I don't care if it is a money making sport. They will still be able to field a competitive team. This is the number one reason that we NEED Women's college wrestling. Give women wrestling a dozen scholarships and schools won't be so quick to cut wrestling, it will grow as a sport.

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