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Thread: Iowa Wrestle Off Pairings and schedule

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    I think it may be too big of a cut for him.
    Kind of what I was getting at with the parenthetical...
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Gotta respect the kid for doing anything he can to get into the lineup. Im not sure his story is quite over.
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    Final wrestleoffs going on now, McD beats Clark 3-2 via 3rd period reversal. TOM doing updates via their twitter:
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    Grothus cruises, Evans 5-0ish, GG 6-2, Lofthouse over Brooks 4-3.

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    My observations from following a live blog....

    125: serious depth!!! It sounds like Clark was lights out and made a mistake late. I expect an AA from this weight next year.

    133: exactly what I expected. Ramos destroyed someone that I think will end up being a room guy

    141: Ballweg will be a top 10-15 guy at this weight. He will be very competitive. Dziewa will get it done next year

    149: I hope Grothus is better than I think. Nice win today

    165: Evans was the only person doing anything. Moore is disappointing

    174: a solid win but was expecting more

    184: EL counts his lucky blessings. He should get ready to go back down to 174 next year because he won't be beating Brooks.

    197: as happy as I could be about a 3-2 win against Tomas Lira. Should have finished several more takedowns and really sounded like he dominated on his feet. Tommy will get on him and iron things out.

    285: can't conclude much

    By watching a live blog and not seeing anything with my own two eyes, these are the facts
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    My thoughts after watching the wrestle-off matches Sat in Iowa City.

    125: Clark is going to be a good one fellas. McD was in on several shots but couldn't finish. I was told last March by a coach of Clark that he is REALLY hard to score on which
    I can understand now. McD is on of the better finishers in the country and he had fits with Clark. Clark will need to work his offense if he wants to be more successful as
    most of the time he is pretty defensive. Great match that Clark was :15 from winning. I think McD getting down to 25 for the 1st time had something to do with the
    score as prior history proves he starts alittle slow out of the gate.

    133: Ramos is well Tony Ramos. Not much competition against Topher Carton but this is what is expected of Tony. By the way I told Ramos he is gonna beat Stieber this year
    and he looked me in the eyes and said "yes I will". Love this kid because of his passion and intensity!

    141: Ballweg looked good but Dziewa gives him everything he wants and more. Dziewa was really close to scoring multiple times but relaxed slightly in the scramble and came
    away with no points. Brands was really working Dziewa after the match. It seemed as though Brands was working on Dziewa's mental toughness because he is really
    close to winning this weight. Ballweg will do well and it wouldn't surprise me if he was an AA this year.

    149: Grothus won the match vs Rhodes but I don't think this weight is settled. I keep hearing Kelly is still the man for 49 but he needs to perform better if that is the case.
    Rhodes is tough but Grothus got him with some upper body action to start the match. Just not excited about this weight at the moment.

    165: Evans beat Moore soundly. Moore couldn't do anything against him and Evans really put the saddle on. Evans was better on his feet than last year but I am not sure
    he is quite there yet. If weight isn't an issue multiple days in a row we should see a high AA finsih. Evans shape looked good which is better than we saw to begin the
    year in 2011.

    174: Gambrall looks good at 74 but man he still doesn't do anything. Either Klap is vastly improving or Gambrall is on the same course hes been on for 4 years. His shape
    did look improved from a year ago but he HAS to attempt TD's to win matches.

    184: EL won the match but I left feeling like Brooks won. Brooks gave up a TD right at the end of the period on the edge of the mat which cost him. EL looks okay at 84 but
    he will struggle against top talent I think. Brooks is in my opinon might be the best 84lber in the room right now. I think EL could beat GG at 74 so not quite sure why
    EL chose to go 84. Brooks is gonna be a great on Men!

    197: Burak beat Lira soundly I think. If Burak could have finished some tree top singles the score wouldn't have been this close. He must have had Lira's leg in the air for
    1 min + over the course of the match. He is solid on this feet but needs to polish up on finishing. Burak looks good for a 97lb which IA hasn't really had for awhile. He
    has good hips and is pretty tall. I think Burak will take some lumps early if Tom throws him out there but he could easily be round of 12 at NCAA's in my opinion.

    285: Not much to say here as Bobby didn't have any competition in either match. I did see Erikson in the room which tells me Bobby is getting some competition in the room.
    He doesn't appear bigger but I am sure he is stronger in the areas Doyle worked on.

    Overall the future looks bright in the Iowa room. I was really happy to see the young guns compete the way they did. They also seem to have a swagger about them that is evident when they wrestle the veterans. Clark and Brooks where the highlights of the young guns Sat. Now if we could get Skon back I think this team would be really solid going forward. Fun time had by Dback, Herky and myself at the wrestle-offs and can't wait for the season to begin for IA.
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    Default Re: Iowa Wrestle Off Pairings and schedule

    • Thursday Results
    Patrick Rhoads maj. dec. Jake Kadel, 15-6

    • Friday Results
    Matt McDonough tech. fall Matt Gurule, 19-3
    Cory Clark dec. Thomas Gilman, 3-1 SV

    Mark Ballweg tech. fall Connor Ryan, 18-2
    Josh Dziewa dec. Ethan Owens, 7-3

    Patrick Rhoads dec. Michael Kelly, 7-4
    Brody Grothus win by forfeit over Joe DuCharme

    Nick Moore dec. Walt Gillmor, 5-3

    Ethen Lofthouse major dec. Alex Meyer, 13-4
    Sammy Brooks dec. Jeremy Fahler, 8-3

    • Saturday Results
    Matt McDonough dec. Cory Clark, 3-2

    Tony Ramos major dec. Topher Carton, 18-7

    Mark Ballweg dec. Josh Dziewa, 3-1

    Brody Grothus dec. Patrick Rhoads, 8-2

    Mike Evans dec. Nick Moore, 5-0

    Grant Gambrall dec. Kris Klapprodt, 7-2

    Ethen Lofthouse dec. Sammy Brooks, 4-3

    Nathan Burak dec. Tomas Lira, 5-3

    Bobby Telford pinned Artie Bess, 1:12
    Bobby Telford pinned Josh Haug, 2:15
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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