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Discuss What Price (Flo) Wrestling? at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; First, this is not a bash on FloWrestling post, nor is it another about the ...
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    Default What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    First, this is not a bash on FloWrestling post, nor is it another about the upcoming NWCA match being streamed via Flo. I head over to Flo's library of videos regularly and love that there are so many old and new matches available. Recently I have seen some material that sounds interesting, but found it was limited to FloInsiders. I considered signing up, but at $100 a year, I backed away. TechniqueWave membership seems even worse...over $200/year. For several years, I have paid Intermat's 30ish dollar/year fee to read their articles and rankings, but 100-200 bucks a year seems really steep.

    Does anyone else have feelings one way or another? Is there really enough of a market at that price tag? (If so, that might be a good sign for the financial health of the sport). Is thsi the future of what we'll be paying to be wrestling fans?

    As a shameless plug, TWT is an outstanding value. All jokes aside, there are some really good wrestling minds here, and I enjoy and appreciate their insights. Thanks to those who put some serious time and thought into their posts - all for free!

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    Default Re: What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    They put up so much great content that they deserved to get paid for all the videos they provide, so good for them. They know how to do video right... I'd much prefer a one-time fee than having to sign up for a service I'll never use (Technique Wave) and remember to cancel after a month. Not that Technique Wave doesn't have its place, but it's just something (not being a coach or active wrestler) that I would get much use out of.

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    Default Re: What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    I'm a bit torn on this one. I love flo and I agree with Martin when he said that wrestling needs guys who can make a living like other sports. What I don't think he is taking into account is how long it took these sports to do that.

    College football was televised for decades before College Gameday. Basketballs version of Gameday came even later. These sports have a solidified fanbase in the multi-millions. Wrestling does not. I think the pay stuff is years too early. It should work one day but I just think it will backfire this early.

    Boxing (if you want to compare pro sports) was seen on Wide World of Sports for decades. Then it went to HBO and Showtime for a decade or so. Many, many years before they had ppv.

    Showing Dake vs Taylor for free would broaden the appeal of wrestling. I think it's a huge mistake on their part. It is their company and I won't begrudge anyone trying to make a legitimate dollar. I just think that they would have made more in the future if this one was free. Parents might have watched and decided to buy the insider stuff for their kid for Christmas. Friends and wives of fans could have watched and became interested which could generate more buzz for the site....It just seems like this event could have been used better for flo. Of course, I don't own a business so what do I know.

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    Default Re: What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    How's this for a plan - make it not "free", and instead charge something like $3, as a one-time fee.

    1. No crappy cell-phone style contracts with auto billing and auto renewal, etc.

    2. No bunch of freeloaders who tie up bandwidth because its free and don't really appreciate it.

    An email address is required for purchase, so Flo can track buyers (which is a given these days) which contributes, as well as the initial minimal 'donation' of a $3 also contributes.

    This isn't a million dollar opportunity on that day as much as it is an opportunity to partner with your audience... and the income will follow (good or bad, high or low - it's all audience driven.)

    Afterward, as Quinn clearly pointed out, there are a lot of opportunities to get a subscription base. They all start with the intial appeal at a reasonable price.

    ... all that being said, I'm sure the guys at Flo have debated this one and are doing what they think is best. I'm not at all suggesting I know better - just throwing another hat into the ring.
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    Default Re: What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    I agree. I don't know why but I would gladly pay $10 or so as a one time fee to watch the event, but for some reason signing up for a subscription service (even if I can cancel it the day after) just ticks me off. Fortunately I have not yet used my 1 week free trial of Technique wave so I'll use it here to watch the all star classic.
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    Default Re: What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    I don't usually hang on Flo (for some reason I can't put my finger on), but what's the story on canceling membership after you watch the event? Can you sign up on a month to month basis or do you have to sign up for a year? I'm assuming they'll block you from signing up for a 7-day free membership within seven days of the event? I'm cool with paying $10 or $20 to watch the event but I don't want to be locked into a yearly thing.

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    Default Re: What Price (Flo) Wrestling?

    Flo will not let you use their 7 day free trial to watch this event.

    I dont know how much one month of Tech. Wave is, but i want to say 20.

    You can cancel it the next day(or in one month) and have paid 20 bucks.
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