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Thread: Duke Wrestling Gangnam Style

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    Default Duke Wrestling Gangnam Style

    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Just too frigging silly to watch
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    Wasn't there debate that there were no other options on the table to promote wrestling? Here's proof that there is more than just promoting the National Duals!! I don't think PSU is going to put out anything like this anytime soon to try to get more fans out. I sure hope not! I don't think Brands or JRob are either. But, it could well get some more fans out to Duke matches.

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    Three points.

    1. Apparently they only have weights covered from 141-184 because I didn't see anyone else close to those weights in that video.
    2. I was completely impressed that they did that sober.
    3. That had me belly laughing, and that doesn't happen often, good luck to Duke Wrestling in 2012/2013.
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    Im afraid a viral video will be the peak of Dukes wrestling season..
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