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    It was a topic of debate a few months ago that Miller was redshirting. It didn't make sense to me for a team since they will be getting Kilgore back. Their website mentions nothing about a redshirt though they do have him listed as 149/157. He's big from looking at him at camps. I would predict a definite AA from him aand possible top 3 finish at 149. At 157, I still have him as an AA. Anyone agree? Or know more about the redshirt rumor?

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    If they were going to rs him should have been last year. The kent site wont say anything about their plans I wouldnt guess. Ive heard the RS rumors though so we will see. 49 is a lot tougher this year, i dont see top 3. At 57 i could see him landing on the podium.
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    I think the same rumors that he was redshirting mentioned him outgrowing 149, right? Perhaps Kent State knew they could only get one year out of him at 149, ala Alton for PSU.

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    Kent State Golden Flashes Head Coach: Jim Andrassy

    Assistant Coach: Josh Moore

    Assistant Coach: Matt Hill
    Volunteer Assistant: Drew Lashaway

    Current Lineup:

    Steve Mitcheff (Sr)
    133-Kyle Bauer (Fr)
    141-Tyler Small (Jr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier, 2011 NCAA Qualifier
    149-Nick Carr (Fr)
    Andy Candiello (So)/Alex Rice (Fr)
    157-Mallie Shuster (Sr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier
    165-Caleb Marsh (So)
    Tyler Buckwalter (Fr)
    174-Sam Wheeler (Fr)
    184-Casey Newburg (Sr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier
    Cole Baxter (Fr)
    197-Dustin Kilgore (Sr) 2011 NCAA Champ, 2010 NCAA 7th Place, 2009 NCAA Qualifier--Round of 12
    285-Keith Witt (Sr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier
    Possible Redshirt: Ian Miller--157 LBS
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    Any truth to the rumors of Kilgore going HWT?

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