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Discuss More NCAA Finals matches showing up in TWT Videos at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Nickerson vs Donahoe (pt1) Nickerson vs Donahoe (pt2) King vs Howe (pt1) King vs ...
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    Default Re: More NCAA Finals matches showing up in TWT Videos

    Burroughs vs Poeta is up as well.

    The NCAA really needs to do something about their out-of-bounds rule. I thought this was a pretty good match, but it woulda been much better (as well as many otherS) if they would just stay inside the damn circle. If the NCAA won't adopt the push-out rule, perhaps they could at least go to an old-school freestyle rule, where deliberately going out of bounds is a caution (or stalling warning in collegiate style I guess). You'd see more scoring, more comebacks, and the matches wouldn't take forever.

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    Default Re: More NCAA Finals matches showing up in TWT Videos

    I like the idiot in pt. 1 of burroughs v. poeta who clarifies the penalty point w/ metcalf and says he pushed the wrestler from "ohio state" ...idiolt... Shouldn't the person in charge of referees have half a clue about what he's talking about before he goes on national TV?

    Also, poeta looked noticably smaller than 10 pounds different..
    This is the first time ive watched it since watchin it live, and it really is a disappointing match considering how exciting they both can be.

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