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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    LOL, I'm reaching? I'm a guy from Florida with no ties to Mike Chandler other then the fact that I like his wrestling style. You are from Ohio (CP's home state) and Lost is from Minnesota and is a Gopher fan (where CP wrestled college). Ask any wrestling coach in the country what matters in NCAA wrestling, and they'll tell you the same thing: It's what happens in March. Head to head means little with deciding who the better overall wrestler is, since a lot of times results like that can be the result of a bad match up. Look at Mark Perry and Johnny Hendricks. I think most would feel that Perry had the superior career, even though Hendricks pounded him overall in the head to head matchups.

    March is what matters. In March, Mike Chandler > CP Schlatter.
    Zapp I agree with you. Mark me down as one who feels the same way. It's about what happens in March. Lets say one guy beats another guy in a head to head match, heck lets say he beats him 4 times. that's fine and dandy, but if both guys win a national title and both guys have an additional top 3 finish, but one of them has an additional AA (Sorry, just going random here, don't want to sound biased) then the guy with 3 AA's clearly trumps the guy with 2 AA's. This is basic guys. Good job Zapp, stick to your guns. More people should be as objective and unbiased as you have demonstrated here on this blog. ;-)
    Lets go Brent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    I must say I'm impressed by Zapp's quasi-troll job in this thread here. Nearly Adolf-Cobrawell esque if I do say so myself...
    Not onhis best day sir
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    I said nearly, sir...he still isn't on your level.

    If he was this thread would have gone on for ten pages instead of four.

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    Vak attack I have sat and watched as you made some crazy arguments for the past week in regards to the metcalf/schlatter comparison and now you are using the exact opposite logic.

    I hope you are not planning on becoming a defense attorney. I can see it now a huge murder trial and for the closing arguments vak starts arguing against his own opening statements. Hopefully no innocent men or women are locked up because of you.

    I took some argumentation courses in college so if you need guidance, please send me a pm.

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    Link to that argument please, PJ? I looked for it but didn't see it. I'm not on here much lately though, so perhaps I just over looked it. I find that odd. I have generally known Zapp Branigan to be consistent and stick to his word. Perhaps you are mistaking with what you read of his? I need to see it for myself.
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    Not a problem Adolf, this took place over at themat in a thread that turned out to be one of the longest in forum history.

    The first quote we have by Vak is this:
    "If Schlatter and Metcalf both end up 2 time champs, I think the fact that Schlatter has an extra AA finish is more then balanced out by the fact that Metcalf beat Schlatter head to head, and they were both in that weight class at NCAA's, and Metcalf won the title."

    To follow that up he said:
    "I'm saying if there accomplishments are relatively equal, you look at things that differentiate them. Schlatter has an extra AA finish. Metcalf has a head to head win. Metcalf also has the fact that they competed in the same weight class for one season, and Metcalf won the title and Schlatter finished 7th."

    So in this instance vak is trying to find a way give metcalf the edge because of his head to head win and metcalf placing higher at the weight they both competed in 2008.

    Of course now in this thread he is going against that logic as he not giving the edge to CP Schlatter despite having head to head victories over chandler and placing higher at the weight they both competed at in 2007.

    Maybe I am missing something.

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    Oh that place. I'm IP address banned so I can't even log in and see what's being said or discussed. Oh well, I don't really care.

    I forgot that Zapp = Vak. In any event, that's quite a change from his position over here. Maybe they are not the same, (Vak and Zapp) because that's a complete 180 from what he's saying over here. Surely he doesn't just say anything to make his point, whether it's a lie or something he doesn't believe in. I have to hear more before I can reach a conclusion. Maybe it's a misunderstanding.
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    Come on mister Zapp Attack, explain yourself!
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Simply: I was trolling over here because I knew it would get you worked up, Lost. And it did. Hell, I picked CP to win the title last year.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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