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Discuss Sanders v. Robles Match Video at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by ISU2008 No, he has dark hair, as do DS and Ness. I ...
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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    No, he has dark hair, as do DS and Ness. I think it has to be Sanders.

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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    Okay, so some perspective: I wrestled from 5yrs to 20 yrs, I am no wimp and love the combat of the sport. MMA does not make me flinch or cringe. I also like the fact that it is a gentleman's game, even under enormous duress. That's why wrestlers have so much character and grace under pressure in the "real world." (We do, don't we?)

    That said, whoever is watching this Robles/Sanders video and says that the stomp is just because Sanders needed someplace to put his foot down is delusional. He totally stomped on Robles back with intent. It was no accident. (FWIW I like Sanders and Minnesota - can't wait to see Jake maroon and gold.)

    Here's the thing, and it's similar to what I've said about the Caldwell/Metcalf shove, it's really hard to get a feel for the energy of the match by watching videos/TV. I was sitting matside shooting this match; they were about 8 feet from me. Every person close to that match reacted the way they did (surprised) because it was a fairly violent action and caught a lot of us by surprise. I did get a shot, but I sure as heck did not see it coming, I don't think anyone did, not even Sanders. I was glad to see Zach man-up and shake hands a second time. There was a buzz after the match, and a lot of chatter about it. Coach Ortiz went nuts, and you can understand why, if Robles had been hurt seriously, he's not wrestling for 4/5.

    Did Allen take a team point from MINN for that?

    I don't mean to be confontational, but unfortunately, Sanders lost his cool and stomped on Robles' back. That's just the fact of the matter.


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    that was cheap wat sanders did, but robles is tough,and theres no way that i would be able to wrestle with one leg

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