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Thread: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

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    Default Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    Purdue student falls from Myrtle Beach balcony

    By Staff Reports

    Publication Date: 03/13/2009

    A 22-year-old Purdue student was airlifted to a hospital after falling from a second-floor hotel balcony in Myrtle Beach, N.C.

    The man has been identified by the Myrtle Beach Police Department as Kenny Jordan who is listed in the University?s directory as a student in the College of Liberal Arts.

    Jordan was reportedly playing a game of beer pong, according to the police report, when a friend witnessed him jump over the balcony railing and try to catch himself. Jordan fell and landed on the pool deck below sustaining serious injuries.

    Responding officers issued two citations to other students at the site. Nick Bertucci, 22 from the department of aviation technology, was cited for transferring alcohol to a minor. David Ingram, 20 from the College of Liberal Arts, was cited as being a minor in possession of alcohol

    any confirmation that this is this same wrestler kenny jordan transfer from nebraska?

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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    Sure this is the same Kenny Jordan?

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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    just checked the Purdue directory. There are two, but only one undergrad listed under liberal arts.

    Your Search Results:

    kenny james jordan
    School: liberal arts

    kenneth d jordan
    Department: educational studies
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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    I would guess this is him. Isn't Nick Bertucci a wrestler?

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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    I believe bertucci is a wrestler and knowing Kennys history it would probably be more surprising if it WASNT him.
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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    isnt kenny jordan on nebraska?
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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    Jordan was dismissed from Nebraska for posing nude last fall (Same incident as Paul Donahoe)

    It would seem that this is Kenny Jordan. Bertucci wrestled at 157 last year (and other lighter classes, too)
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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    Let's wait to see how the kid recovers before we start with the jokes like "I'd be more surprised if this wasn't him."
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    Default Re: Kenny Jordan makes headlines AGAIN

    Our prayers are with this young man from Purdue who fell from the balcony, whether or not it was the Kenny Jordon who transferred from Nebraska. My youngest son just lost one of his best friends from high school two weeks ago who at the age of 20 & enrolled at Michigan State fell from a hotel balcony in Miami Beach while on spring break. I did not ask my son for the further details as it does not matter ... what a tragedy & my heart still bleeds for the young man's parents. That's the absolute worst thing in life to ever endure. And, athletes & non-athletes do some stupid things while in college ... I am fortunate to remember the stupid things I did in college in the mid-70s.

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