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Thread: Dake vs Taylor at 165

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    My understanding is he's going to be at Michigan this coming year with Pritzlaff and Bormet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    My understanding is he's going to be at Michigan this coming year with Pritzlaff and Bormet.
    Doesnt that mean he will have to sit out a year, and wont be able to recieve scholly money?
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    As i posted elsewhere , Seton Hall Pirate REALLY believes AH will be in the big 4 .I asked him to be more specific but nope...I'd guess OSU if he really goes big 4.

    His OLY RED will be considered his year off and yes, he will have to pay his own way. THAT is the only reason I see McMurray leaving the B1G.
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    I know its freestyle but how about the A$$ whooping Dake put on Taylor 5-0 and Pin and Dake took third . Great show for Dake. I think Dake will have a chance next year when he bumps up to 165 . Cant wait

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    If Dake, Howe and Taylor are all at 165 next year, it may be one of the toughest weights in a loooong time. Has there ever been a time when 3 NCAA champions were in the same weight class for the national tourney?

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    The Taylor apologists haven't come on line yet, that's odd! DC

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    Evidently they use different takedowns in freestyle than folkstyle! bwhahahahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    I think Taylor would beat Dake. I base my decision off complete and total bias towards Taylor. But if i need to justify my decision, I would say because of Taylor's relentless scoring attack on the feet. He transitions from one shot to another smoother than anyone out there right now and eventually I think he would get the TD. I think both can ride equally well and both avoid getting turned equally well. So when I visualize the match, I see a win by takedown for Taylor.

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    Wrong! bwhahahahahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by oldfart View Post
    I just can't see Dake grinding out a 3-0, 3-1 match against Taylor like he does against the other top guys he has faced. I think Taylor takes Dake down at least 3 times, Dake gets one td off a reshot and gets 3 escapes. Throw a reversal in for Taylor once Dake takes him down and then maybe a rt point (thinking that he keeps Dake down for 15-20 seconds after each td and the reversal) and you have a 11-6 win for Taylor.

    P1: Td Taylor, e1 Dake. Taylor only gets one b/c Dake is fresh and tough with his td defense. 2-1 Taylor.

    P2: Taylor's choice. He takes neutral to avoid falling into Dake's strength, and he knows he can score from here. Td Taylor, followed by e1 Dake. Taylor gets another td, but also another e1 for Dake. Period ends with taylor in on another leg but Dake staves it off. 6-3 Taylor

    P3: Dake chooses neutral b/c he needs the points. Gets his td on a reshot but Taylor funks and gets a reversal. (Dake is not going to be able to put his punishing ride on this kid). Dake gets his escape but he is visibly gassed (as he has known to be). Taylor, who is not known to gas gets another td, and the rt point for the ride-out to end the match. 11-6 Taylor.

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    hehehehe, I guess not! DC

    Quote Originally Posted by joony View Post
    i think taylor takes him down rather easily. a lot of lesser guys have had success shooting in on dake's legs, but more often than not, unable to finish. taylor finishes very well once he gets in on that leg and is also dominant on top. dake's best chances would be to avoid takedowns in the first period and hope to ride him out when he's on top.

    still not sure who wins, but if i had to pick, i'd go w/ taylor.

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