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Thread: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

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    Default What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    There has been a lot of talk lately about what is "best for wrestling". Is it more participants? More college programs? More fans in the stands? More international success? No one is clearly saying what wrestling needs, so it is very hard to say what is "best for wrestling".

    What does wrestling need, and how do we make it happen?

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    This is what is best for Wrestling. When a national tournament is held the best team in the country to not attend and instead put a whoopin on Utah Valley State. Because Utah Valley State is the future and what's best for the sport.

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    Sorry had to vent. What wrestling needs is the best teams to have an opportunity to face each other in a tournament besides just dual meets that are scheduled beforehand. It needs to be a sanctioned event so a coach won't be able to let his pride issues get in the way of the best competing against the best multiple time throughout the year. I believe this will attract more interest and decrease the gap between the top 4 teams and the rest of the field. People love seeing the best compete against the best. It needs to happen more consistenly in wrestling in order to attract more interest and better talent.

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    I think wrestling needs to grow in the "power conferences". The Big 12 having and the SEC schools have little or no wrestling participation is ridiculous. Wrestling needs some D1 programs in the south, Texas or Florida would be a good start build on the traditional football rivalries and FSU and Miami or a Texas and Oklahoma dual meet. I also agree that PSU not attending and going to UVU instead is not better for the sport.

    Also the problems that come along with the application of Title 9 need to be addressed.
    Some of the traditional wrestling powerhouse schools (Iowa, IA ST, OK ST,OK, MN, OHIO ST, PSU) need to embrace Women's wrestling at the Collegiate level and add Womens teams. This could help offset the gender equity and the bias that leads wrestling and other traditional men's sports to be cut under the guise of Title 9.
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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    Repeal Title IX
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    saved? ever been to nationals? there are a lot of fans in the stands. many schools. in the bigger picture of wrestling, personally I think more people would follow wrestling after college if was the same style folkstyle vs freestlye. wrestlers are true of heart. if youre really good at wrestling there is no huge payoff like basketball and other sports. you could make some good money being a head coach at a major university. if you ask most of the coaches they do it beacuse they are passionate about the sport, not for the money.

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    We need people who have no attachment to wrestling (former wrestlers, family) to become fans, even if only casual fans.

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    Marketing is the key. The NCAA does nothing to promote wrestling and neither do the schools. The only sports promoted are the Big 3. Football, Basketball and Baseball. Wrestling gets associated with the "Professional" wrestling of TV reality for lack of a better picture to paint it in. Wrestling is by far the toughest of all sports and sells out the Finals every year. What about making the Wrestling Finals for D1 a week long festival educating people on the aspects of wrestling. How it builds mental toughness, proper dieting (Fitness), and equipment. There could be a convention type atmosphere drawing the more people to the event. It could be held in larger arenas to make room for the larger crowds. Wouldn't it be cool to see an attendance figure of 50-60,000 attend Finals week of the NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships?

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    Default Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    I think it all starts with getting the youth involved more. I live in Iowa (northern part) and wrestling up here used to be great. Now the great teams of the past can't hardly fill a lineup anymore. We don't have the manufacturing jobs like we used to so nobody wants to live around here because there are no good paying jobs. The difference between Des Moines, IA area and Mason City, IA area (northern IA) is #'s and lack of fan support because the wrestling isn't that great. Fans just quit attending duals or Conference Tourney because it really isn't that exciting. I am a die hard wrestling fan and attend these boring duals on the weeknights because they are close. On the weekends I go watch College wrestling because it is exciting and fun. Now in DSM they get fans out because it is a meat grinder. I mean at the Ed Winger Classic 3 weekends ago there were like 10 D1 recruits wrestling in the same event. Who doesn't get excited about that? I think our problem in wrestling is that the rural areas around the country are dwindling because of no jobs so our sport gets regionalized more. The youth programs in the DSM area have D1 NCAA champs running them while the more rural areas have parents. I think it all starts with getting the youth more involved and excited about the sport so they ask their parents to take them to events.

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