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Thread: Minnesota v. Michigan State

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    Default Minnesota v. Michigan State

    Goes this afternoon on the GoldZone, I'll probably just post results for everything but 133 which I'll do full text for.

    125: Zach Sanders v. Eric Olanowski
    133: Jayson Ness v. Franklin Gomez
    141: Mike Thorn v. Joel Trombley or Colin Dozier
    149: Joe Grygelko v. David Cheza
    157: Tyler Safratowich v. Anthony Jones
    165: Scott Glasser v. Rex Kendle
    174: Matt Everson v. Ian Hinton
    184: Brent Eidenschink or Sonny Yohn v. Nick Palmieri
    197: Gordon Bierschenk or Chris McPhail v. Tyler Dickenson
    285: Ben Berhow or Joe Nord v. Alan O'Donnell

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    I never would have thought this going in to this year but I really think that Ness needs this match if he wants to be taken seriously at 133. I can't argue with where most polls have him ranked this year (5 or 6) and if he wants to get a good seed at Big Ten's he is going to need some victories over possibly Dennis, Kennedy or Gomez to be sure.
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    Yep, I"m surprised with what has happened this year so far. With his height and leverage, I figured that he'd pick up where he left off at 125 and have trouble coping with the slick, fast guys like Espo, but have no problem with the guys who are more physical.
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    In watching him a lot of Ness' stuff from neutral involves him getting angles and cutting the corner on his low leg shots.

    In watching his matches that he's lost against Kennedy and Dennis (haven't seen the Hochstrasser or Humphrey matches yet) he hasn't gotten those angles on the feet and he's struggling to take guys down.

    He'd kind of built the rep as "the guy with the great half" but out of his major wins down at 125 the only guy he really put to his back regularly was Falck. Everyone else he pretty much beat with takedowns.

    He beat Gomez (with takedowns) when both were at 125 two years ago, so it'll be interesting to see round 2 from these guys here in a few hours.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    Sanders beats Olanowski 15-5

    4-0 Minnesota

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    Jayson Ness v. Franklin Gomez

    1st Period: Gomez looking to control a wrist early, both guys staying very very low...Gomez back to working on a wrist his two on Ness' right wrist and he throws Ness by for a TD...2-0 Gomez...Ness out...2-1 Gomez...Ness scores a counter trip type TD off an upper body tie situation...Gomez tried to trip but Ness got the trip...3-2 Ness...reversal for Gomez off a scramble...4-3 Gomez...reversal for Ness...5-4 Ness with 30 seconds to go...Ness warned for stalling for just sitting with his half in when Gomez sat out...that struck me as odd. Gomez comes to his feet but Ness returns him at the buzzer. Period ends 5-4 Ness

    2nd Period: Gomez goes down...Gomez out...5-5...Ness in on a single, Gomez doing a nice job countering right now Ness is trying to cut the corner...stalemated...Gomez tries another drag TD...Ness transitions into a front headlock, stalemated...Period ends 5-5.

    3rd Period: Ness goes down...Ness up to his feet immediately gets the wrist off and out...6-5 Ness...Ness in on another single, Gomez does a nice job sprawling...stalemated...1 minute to go...Ness shoots again and Gomez is warned for stalling...Gomez shoots kind of halfway Ness transitions to his front head...stalemated...Gomez shoots a double, Ness sprawls back...and it ends.

    Jayson Ness dec Franklin Gomez 6-5

    7-0 Minnesota
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    sounds like a good one

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    Nice win for Ness!

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Michigan State

    Very good match.

    Looking at Ness' body language after the match he seemed a combination of happy and relieved to have picked up a marquee win at his new weight.

    That still is only the third match that Gomez has lost in folk at 133. 2 to Slaton last year now 1 to Ness.

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