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Discuss Jacob Memorial at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Didn't have a chance to stay long at Jacob's memorial in Wisconsin this weekend, but ...
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    Didn't have a chance to stay long at Jacob's memorial in Wisconsin this weekend, but I was there about two hours on his parent's retirement spread in the middle of, well, nowhere.

    I talked with Jacob and Kristen's parents some, and Coach Jim Jackson was there as well. It was a somber time, as you might expect, but while it's not the closure many of us will want to accept, there were so many good things said and written about Jacob.

    I was fortunate that the trip to Minnesota for my wife's grandparents' 60th anniversary celebration coincided with Jacob's memorial. I can't stand funerals or things of the like, but felt the need to let everyone know we were blessed with beautiful weather, great food and great memories of Jacob's life.

    A lot of the things I've been able to implement within the wrestling community would not have been possible if it weren't for Jacob.

    Back in the office now and I have a tech glitch ... and who to call?

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    Default Re: Jacob Memorial

    Thanks JB...

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    Default Re: Jacob Memorial

    Thanks a lot for the note. I'm glad that everything went well.
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    Default Re: Jacob Memorial

    I hope the family was able to know the impact he had on people on this site.
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    Default Re: Jacob Memorial

    and I need to talk to someone about my business tax situation...Jacob? Are you listening?

    We miss you my friend.
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