Southern Virginia has plans in 2012 to look into moving into the NCAA Division III. If approved by the NCAA they would start competing in 2017, If this is to happen I assume the wrestling program would compete as a NCAA team and not NCWA. The wrestling team as a club has had decent success and I believe as a NCAA team more athletes would stay in-state to wrestle there. Here is a News Release from SVU

(Southern Virginia University to Explore NCAA Division III Membership: Southern Virginia University Athletics)

When graduating back in 2005 I did not want to leave the state to wrestle but, I had admission problems with ODU and I did not think I was cut out for VMI and I did not receive interest from GMU,UVA or VT. My high school coach had great success at the NCAA DIII level wrestling for Kean College in NJ, and I started looking to go that route, I was even interested in W&J but the price tag on that school was out of my range. I ended up at Delaware Valley College in PA and then transferred to UNC at Pembroke after a semester (cost and weather was my issue at DelVal). I had sub-par results and did not achieve my goals, I feel I would have done better if I had a support group like I did when I was wrestling out of my parents house, and I am sure I am not the only wrestler that slipped up at the next level feels like this.

My point is VA needs to give our wrestlers more opportunities to compete in-state, not everyone wants to wrestle D-I. If wrestlers know that they could possibly wrestle at the next level, maybe just maybe more wrestlers would put in extra work in the off season to try to impress that college coach, even if they are not a state champ, or have had success since the age of 7 and their name is known by everyone. I know fan numbers are not great at the existing programs but if there are more programs advertising duals, camps, etc. more of the population that does not know a thing about wrestling might come out and support and begin to love the sport as we on this forum do.

I am young and I love the sport of wrestling. How would/should I go about trying to approach a institute (Randolph Macon College) and try to convince them to start a wrestling program. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Curt Jones
CurtJones87 (twitter)