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Thread: Michigan releases Trost & Kulczycki

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    Default Michigan releases Trost & Kulczycki

    Wow. This move surprised me big time.

    Intermat - Trost, Kulczycki out at Michigan

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    Default Re: Michigan releases Trost & Kulczycki

    That's rough, especially on Kulczycki who I thought was an outstanding coach.

    Both guys will be great hires should they decide to go elsewhere.
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    Default Re: Michigan releases Trost & Kulczycki

    In my opinion Kirk Trost is next to God and Kulczycki is a great coach. They will be missed!
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    Default Re: Michigan releases Trost & Kulczycki

    Take a peek at the Michigan commitments thread and you will quickly find the reason. UM - 1 McF is on the 11/12 hot seat.
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    Default Re: Michigan releases Trost & Kulczycki

    It is looking like they felt like the assistant coaches weren't helping them elevate the program. Knowing the bar in Ann Arbor is pretty high they might be looking at Sanderson getting a title in his 2nd year & thinking why haven't we done this & then cleaned house. I would agree with Ryou & think that this might indicate that JM is on the hot seat. At least that is how it is appearing to me.

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