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Discuss Scholarships Question at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; This question is generated by the discussion of the recruitment of Campolattano. He was quoted ...
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    Default Scholarships Question

    This question is generated by the discussion of the recruitment of Campolattano. He was quoted as saying he would have been interested in PSU but he couldn't get a guaranteed full ride for his whole college career. That brings a few questions to mind. I know that each NCAA Div 1 school is allowed 9.9 scholarships I believe. I know that they can be divided up between different athletes. Here are my questions:

    1. If a wrestler redshirts and is on a full scholarship, does that tie up a scholarship for 5 years? If that's the case then redshirting is a mixed blessing for a school because they are giving up a scholarship to someone who isn't eligible that year.

    2. How is the amount of a full scholarship determined? For PSU, for example, being a state school, in-state tuition is different than out-of-state tuition. Let's say instate tuition is $20,000 and out-of-state is $40,000. If they want to divide a scholarship between 2 wrestlers (one instate and one out-of-state) do they spend $10,000 on the instate one and $20,000 on the out-of-state one, and together that counts as a full scholarship? Or do they say that a full scholarship is $40,000 (the price of out-of-state) and they can divide up that $40,000 any way they like? That would make it cheaper to recruit instate wrestlers.

    Does anybody know about this?

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    Default Re: Scholarships Question

    1. Yes, RS scholarships count.
    2.From what I am told, it is meant to be a % of what that student's tuition would be - not the dollar amount. Meaning, 20k is a full scholarship for an in-state student but 50% for an out of state. I think the NCAA has tightened up on this in the last few years. I heard that Iowa was calling a full ride for an in-state student as a 50% (calling out of state "full tuition" and that student was receiving half that dollar amount) and got a Brands a slap on the wrist. I am not saying Iowa was the only one - I think it was pretty happening plenty of other places as well - but that one got reported. The rule was meant to level the playing field a bit - schools with a strong in-state recruiting pool could basically have 20 people on a full scholarship if it was based on dollars paid out rather than % for that student.

    So, in-state athletes save total dollars, but they don't increase the number of people who can be on scholarship.

    I've had conversations with a couple coaches in different sports and they have all said how PSU's increase in tuition is really hurting recruiting. PSU currently has the highest in-state tuition of any big10 school and is one of the highest in the country (about 14,500 in-state, out is about 26k). Compare that to a little under 7k in-state for North Carolina schools including Chapel Hill. A 3/4 scholarship to PSU would still cost an NC student the same as NO scholarship to his home state school. Ouch!

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    Default Re: Scholarships Question

    So Cael's having trouble getting top wrestlers to come to PSU. Would not know that from the incredible talent he has amassed. Based on this year's squad and the new incoming recruiting class, that seems highly suspect. He's got so much talent now, that 2011-12 roster could make 3 schools tough. Many high school wrestlers are good students and also may have financial need. So academic and need based scholies can help as well. But a very interesting discussion on this subject.

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