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Discuss New Women's Wrestling Program at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; In 2010-11 season our program was a club sport and we had one female wrestler ...
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    Default New Women's Wrestling Program

    In 2010-11 season our program was a club sport and we had one female wrestler who won the NCWWA national tournament and was voted outstanding wrestler of the tournament. With her success we were able to catapult the start of our program. The school is including Women?s wrestling as a varsity sport which means that it will be funded through the school and we will have tuition scholarships available for qualified female wrestlers. At this time Southwestern is looking for wrestlers to continue this excellent start of tradition.
    Southwestern is located on the coast of Oregon about 100 miles north of California. We offer on campus, apartment style student housing. These apartments have 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms in each of them, and the total cost includes your meals. At Southwestern we offer courses in approximately 60 different academic areas, all of which are transferable to four-year universities. We make every effort to open avenues at the university level; many of our students transfer to universities and colleges all over the country. In addition to all of this Southwestern has no out of state tuition, and we have opportunities for athletic and academic scholarships. Students with a cumulative 3.75 gpa or above and tests into college writing and math qualifies for a tuition wavier.

    If you have any questions please email me at

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    Default Re: New Women's Wrestling Program

    Great news, can't wait to see you guys dual YVCC! Congrats and great job to SWOCC.
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