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Discuss Waddup with Ashmore ? at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I do NOT mean to start a maelstrom here , but everyone seems to know ...
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    Default Waddup with Ashmore ?

    I do NOT mean to start a maelstrom here , but everyone seems to know WTH is going on but me .
    The FEW allegations I have read seem too stupid to be true . Anyone with any FACTS ?
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    Default Re: Waddup with Ashmore ?

    I dont think there are many facts out there.. and we'll keep speculation on this one off the board.

    If you make comments - post URLs to back it up.

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    Default Re: Waddup with Ashmore ?

    Isn't the one place this story is, NSFW? As for the allegations on there, I don't know if they are true or not. Definitely not doing the research to find out. Judging from his FB he seems to be "out" though.

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