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Thread: Can Penn State Repeat?

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    Default Can Penn State Repeat?

    Does anyone think that Penn State can win it all again next year?
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    Default Re: Repeat

    Since they only graduate Pataky, I'd say it's conceivable...
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    Default Re: Repeat

    No, only Penn State homers

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    Default Re: Repeat

    Can and will are two different things. As good as PSU was at the NCAA's this year--if it were to be wrestled again 2 weeks from now there could be different results (maybe Alton and Wade AA and DT wins it all; maybe others do more poorly and PSU comes in 3rd). Unless you have a totally dominant team like last year's Iowa team, so much depends on who is hot. That said, if A Alton does not RS and no one gets hurt, they have a strong shot at it. But so do Iowa, Ok State and maybe Minnesota. If Dake takes an olympic RS then I don't see Cornell having enough depth of firepower to win it all. Even with him I'm not sure they do.

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    Default Re: Can Penn State Repeat?

    TomWright25 is right. There is a certain moment-in-time quality to winning an NCAA Championship. Q. Wright - for instance - was red hot at the right moment and got his national championship. Would he win that championship two, three weeks later? I don't know. I think Penn State has a very good chance of repeating next year, however. Almost their entire line-up is returning and I hope that the experiences this year will fire them up to do even better next year. I mean, I really want Ruth and Taylor to get a national championship. Will they? It depends on how they handle what just took place. Go read some of the comments Matt McDonough has made about losing to Robles. I get the impression that he is on the track of another national championship starting - well, Saturday night. And I think he'll be in the finals next year. I hope David Taylor and Ed Ruth feel the same way. If they don't, maybe they should call Matt and ask his advice.

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    If my nightmare of David Taylor getting pinned this year actually came true, doesn't it mean that my dream of Ohio State winning it next year could come true too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    If my nightmare of David Taylor getting pinned this year actually came true, doesn't it mean that my dream of Ohio State winning it next year could come true too?

    Maybe, but only if the Sweater Vest quits imposing suspensions on himself. But then he would have to stop cheating, which probably isn't going to happen either.

    In your dream...Does Gene Smith wear a sweater vest too?

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    Default Re: Can Penn State Repeat?

    Cayle Byers make Iowa a much tougher team...also, Mike Evans will be a good addition in that line up

    I'd say Penn State still a heavy favorite.
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    Default Re: Can Penn State Repeat?

    Well, they return almost all of their NCAA point there's probably a chance.
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