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Discuss Random non-Finals Thoughts at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Just running through some other stuff at each weight off the top of my head... ...
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    Default Random non-Finals Thoughts

    Just running through some other stuff at each weight off the top of my head...

    - Nice to see another strong effort out of Sanders, after coming out very flat in my opinion in the quarters against Kjar he did a great job in all three of his consolation matches. Looking forward to watching him give it one more go round next year.

    - Spent most of the season not buying into Ryan Mango, but he did a nice job here making the podium.

    - The portion of the consolation bracket that contained Nicholson, Waters, Garnett, and Bedelyon was probably the most brutal of the entire tournament. Gutsy job by Nicholson finishing his career by picking his way through it after taking the tough loss to Kjar

    - Impressed by the overall effective performance that Sentes put up on his feet during the tournament, did a nice job getting to and finishing his offense so that he could get to where he's strong. Avenged losses to both Futrell and Graff, and then had the win over Ramos who I didn't think he'd beat.

    - Speaking of Ramos, I mentioned it on Friday that his match with Ruggirello killed me as far as who I wanted to root for because he's a guy who I've enjoyed following all year. With Telford coming out of redshirt next year Ramos will still remain my second favorite Iowa guy.

    - Disappointed to see Carter not make All American, but he had a great year. Hopefully he's able to shore things up on the mat a little bit this summer and still remain the super fun guy to watch on the feet that he is. Hope (for my fantasy team's sake) that he doesn't RS next year.

    - While he didn't make All American David Thorn really impressed me at this tournament taking both Long and Ramos to OT. If he can improve half as much as Mike did he's going to be really fun to watch the next three years.

    - Speaking of Thorn's, once Mike was able to wrestle back for 3rd I was pretty much good with whatever else happened the rest of the day. I honestly can't think of a more quintessential way for him to go out either going down early and being forced to come back. Jumped the gun or not, love the fact that he just went after it at the end. Amazing progression from four years ago when he just got beat on while replacing Reiter.

    - Would have liked to see Andrew Alton make the podium just because he's been such a fun guy to watch. Like Carter hopefully he's able to shore things up on the mat this summer and/or next year if he redshirts.

    - Have to give kudos to kobepm (hello clowns!) for calling Sanjaa as early as last summer. While he didn't lay waste to the weight like our friend was projecting finishing 4th was impressive.

    - Will be interested to see how Eric Grajales comes in next year as he'd improved a lot by the end of the year. Jim Gibbons seemed very excited to use his "tired getting off the bus" line about Grajales.

    - While I managed to talk myself into picking Fleming as an All American I don't know if I ever really believed that he would. Did a great job improving this year. Just has to keep doing that from the feet to give himself options if refs try and take away his headlock.

    - Fittery just blasting fools other than his match against Taylor.

    - Don't think St. John will ever beat Taylor (while the matches are getting closer, St. John still isn't letting his offense go) but he's looked really good over the second half of the year.

    - I think I've mentioned this but I've picked Colt Sponseller as an All American in every picks thread that I've put out since he was a freshman, THRILLED to see him get on the podium and get a high finish at that.

    - Tough end to what has been an up and down career for Scott Glasser. While he never was an All American as a fan I always appreciated the fact that he always put himself out there even if he had to be taped up like a mummy. True master of the Godfather III win over the course of his career.

    - Nice to see my 2009/2010 pre-season national champion get himself on the podium as a senior too.

    - Have to agree with Zapp that Gambrall was truly rating a "0" on the regard for human life meter for pretty much the entire weekend save his match with Wright. I may have to pick a new Iowa wrestler to irrationally root against.

    - Anyone who says the Gopher coaches are losing their touch need look no further than Kevin Steinhaus coming out as a small school 160 pounder in high school and progressing to an out of nowhere All American at 184 in two years.

    - Bosak's 12-1 beat down of Honeycutt ranks up there as one of the "wow" results of the weekend, didn't see that one coming.

    - While I didn't predict it, I enjoyed Uncle Luke making All American just so I could read people pretty much through out the online world referring to him by a nickname that I coined.

    - I wonder if Spencer Myers getting on the podium will lead to Terp coming back from exile?

    - Strong work by Nelson getting on the podium as a freshman, he finds something other than his power stuff from the feet (or if he gains some more weight to make the power stuff more effective) he's going to be a dangerous, dangerous dude as all of his losses were super close.
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    Default Re: Random non-Finals Thoughts

    I was way off about Sentes. Liked a lot of his counter offense. He was also fun to watch.

    Can't believe Myers from Md got on the podium, but it's heavy. Who ever really can know?

    My jaw was on the floor for every upset he pulled. Would never ever have guessed he was capable.
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    Default Re: Random non-Finals Thoughts

    I felt pretty badly for Bosak-loses to Hamlin on a questionable call-comes back and majors HCUTT and then had to wrestle a fresh GG 45 minutes later. Bosak was so exhausted he could not barely move in the third period and was even warned for stalling while he was behind .Anyone who says they predicted the 12-1 beating Bosak laid on HCUTT may be fibbing a bit.

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