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Discuss Thoughts on the Finals at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125: Robles showed his big time offensive capability early, but it has to be said, ...
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    Default Thoughts on the Finals

    125: Robles showed his big time offensive capability early, but it has to be said, he didn't do anything after that. He never even looked like he tried to score again. That said, points in the 1st count as much as points in the 3rd, and Robles earned them. McDonough's strategy in the match was definitely sketchy. Robles got the wrist, and round and round he went. After that, he was clearly confused what to do, when there was no leg to grab.

    133: Oliver is just a beast. He put a beating on a very good wrestler in Hochstrasser. His technique is second to nobody. Great in all positions.

    141: Interesting match, and gutty effort from Russell. Sucks for Novachkov to lose that way, taking a shot and Russell countering, but that's Russell's game.

    149: 6 minutes of RT? Sweet Moses. What was Molinaro THINKING going under Dake? Dake was just dominant and put a BRUTAL ride on Molinaro. It was insane to watch, it was like Dake was glued to him.

    157: W. O. W. Go Bubba! I was watching this and saw Taylor stop on his shot, but I thought he would scramble for a TD. I was laying on my couch, and then I realized Bubba had that cradle locked up, I sat up so fast I kicked y year old nephew in the head. Just beautiful work from Bubba.

    165: Dominance personified. He seemingly did whatever he wanted in neutral, and then rode Caldwell pretty hard as well. Caldwell never had a chance.

    174: Jon Reader is a MAN! (He's 40!) That wrap looked hilarious, but nothing funny about the whooping he laid on Amuchastegui. Reader just would not be denied and nothing would put him off course. He earned this, definitely.

    184: What a great story and turnaround, and a testament both to Quentin's resolve and his coaches. If I told you a month ago who would win NCAA's, Wright is easily the one who would most make you go "BULLS##T!" As bad as he looked a few weeks ago, he looked exactly that good starting at Big 10's.

    197: Wow. Not sure what to say. Kilgore was kind of getting worked over, and then all of a sudden, Foster just had like the world's biggest brain fart, and pulled Kilgore ONTO him. He almost pinned himself. Nice awareness from Kilgore to see it, though.

    HWT: Zach Rey and Ryan Flores gave us an anticlimactic end to a historic night. Either way, Rey just seemed a bit better most of the way through, whether it's size or ability, whatever. These guys should both have been hit with stalling at more than one point. With regards to the last scramble, I have to say that's one thing I hate about the current rules in Folk. By rule Rey is still in control there, I guess, but why? He was on his back, desperately holding on; that's control? See it happen a lot, and it bothers me. Congrats to Rey on his championship, though.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on the Finals

    Finals by States
    NJ 3-1
    PA 2-0
    OH 1-1
    AZ, NY, VA, MI 1-0
    IA, UT, KS, OR, VT, ID-1
    CA 0-2

    Btw 9 of 20 finalists came from PA or states bordering PA with VA not far away either. It would be interesting to see what the AA stats are. I know that USA wrestling had a participant stat that showed that PA had 46 NCAA qualifiers while NY, OH, NJ, IA & CA all had about 23-25.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the Finals

    NJ had 29 resident participants, that's excluding Blair non-in state residents. 3 champs, 4 in the finals and I believe only 6 total AA's.....that's a sub par AA total, 2 outside the finals, and appears to represent the declining talent bank. Having Campo back will help, now if we can only convince Jimmy Lawson.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on the Finals

    KR: Ohio had just 4 AA's. Worst turnout in recent memory, but there are a lot of young Ohio wrestlers coming back next year. I think we return 20ish NCAA qualifiers.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the Finals

    I agree with Zapp on the whole Rey thing. Flores was on top of him and Rey was just holding on to a leg so when they make the stalemate call there is no way Flores should still be down that should atleast be one and neutral

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the Finals

    Have to agree with you all, the moment Rey broke his hands for a split second while on his back Flores should have had the reversal, IMO.

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