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Discuss NCAA scoring at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Can someone succinctly explain how team scoring works in the NCAA 's? I'm totally lost. ...
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    Default NCAA scoring

    Can someone succinctly explain how team scoring works in the NCAA's? I'm totally lost.

    Just looking at it, it seems to me like they put too much emphasis on bonus points. Like a guy who lost early and got a bunch of pins in the wrestlebacks might actually score more points than a national champion, which just seems wrong.

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    This is the best I found that explains it. But you have to keep in mind that if you have two people in the finals and the winner gets 16 versus the losers 12, the announcers will say team "A" gained 4 pts because the dude who got second still scored 12. So team scores are always adjusted ahead of time with each wrestler already given the minimal team points. I just confused myself. Let's say two guys are in the finals and the team scores are tied coming in. That means that both teams were already awarded the 12points for second, so whoever wins gets the extra 4pts. Oh, screw it. Here is what the internet said:

    Team scoring in tournaments
    In a tournament, most of the team points are scored for advancement. For example, a team winning a match in the championship bracket would be awarded one team advancement point; one-half of an advancement point would be awarded if a team won a match in the wrestle-back bracket. The corresponding team points also apply if a wrestler from the team gained a bye and then won his next match in that bracket. Two additional advancement points are for victories by fall, default, disqualification, and forfeit (including victories by medical forfeit). One and one-half additional advancement points are awarded for victories by technical fall with near fall points scored in the course of the match. One additional advancement point is awarded for victories by technical fall victories with no near fall points scored during the course of the match and also for victories by major decision. A team could then win a certain number of placement points if its wrestlers have placed individually in the championship and wrestle-back brackets. Thus, whole teams are awarded placements (first, second, etc.) based on their total number of victories.[61]
    Individual placement points are also awarded. For example, in a tournament scoring eight places, the winner of a quarterfinal or a semifinal in the championship bracket (where first and second places are awarded) would win six place points. The winners of first and second place would then win four additional place points. In the wrestle-back bracket (where third and fifth places are awarded), the winner of a semifinal match, for example, would receive three place points. The winners of third, fifth, and seventh place would receive one additional place point, and so on.[

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    Default Re: NCAA scoring

    What happens with pigtail matches? Do those wrestlers get to score an extra advancement point? I thought at one time they had to wind the next match to earn, or that everyone got that point even though they all had a "bye" except for the pigtail guys.

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    Default Re: NCAA scoring

    BlueBlood, I believe that you are right on the pigtail match, they get the advancement point out of the pigtail if they win their next match.
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