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Thread: 157 - Hall is #1 seed

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    Default 157 - Hall is #1 seed

    ...and Taylor is #3

    Didn't see that one coming.

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    As much as Fittery and Taylor is the match that everyone has been glamorizing and wants to see in the finals (myself included), he probably deserves it.
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    Default Re: 157 - Hall is #1 seed

    I question the seeding at this weight the most out of all the brackets!

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    Default Re: 157 - Hall is #1 seed

    I hate it because we may not see Jenkins-Taylor.
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    I hate the "nwca doesn't count" rule but I respect the fact that they actually adhered to it this time.

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    This is bogus. Taylor and Fittery deserve to be in the finals against each other and they give adam hall the one seed? cmon man

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    How about the fact that all three are undefeated and none have any wins this eason over each other? (official)

    Hall is the highest returning AA, Fittery second. No surprises here, although it is disappointing as a fan.

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    I agree. While it's disappointing to many that we may not see a Taylor v Fittery final, Hall deserves the #1 seed just as much (and probably more) than Fittery.

    Of course, if they counted the All-Star, that would be very different, but no point lamenting over something that can't happen.
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    As much as I'd like to see David Taylor as the #1 seed then Hall then Fittery (MHO) it's not. If seeds hold the semis here are going to be amazing! Bubba and Hall again, and Taylor and Fittery semi! Great, but if it were the final it would be much much better. They could have seeded Hall #1, Taylor #2, Bubba #3 and Fittery #4 though and got the match ups they and everyone wanted in my opinion, maybe I'm wrong but if I'm not I think a lot of people would've been happier.

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