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Thread: All-Warrior Team

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    Jimmy Martin (PSU--1987) defeated Iowa's defending national champion (Brad Penrith) in the finals with 2 broken ribs!

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    I don't have any names to throw in right now, but I think the theme of this thread! Wrestlers are warriors after all. ;^)

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    Although he probably only had a bit of a foggy head after getting KO'd in the EIWA finals, Dustin Manotti's long journey down the ass-kicking road to third place in the 2006(?) tourney after losing his first match is the definition of warrior to me. I know, this pick is not in keeping with the context of this thread, but when I see the word "warrior" this is the guy I think of.

    My picks for the all-injury team are Randy Lewis and Nickerson. And Jaggers for the last 30 seconds of his finals match with Mendes.

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    EScobedo! Tom Milkovich! tommy Rowlands his Junior year, Garrett Lowney his junior(and last year). and Kish should be captain.
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