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Discuss Thoughts on attending the Big 10s at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Mark Perry did it one weight lower......
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    Default Re: Thoughts on attending the Big 10s

    Mark Perry did it one weight lower...

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    Default Re: Thoughts on attending the Big 10s

    I tried to cover as many teams & interesting guys as i could. Just so happens that my 1st B10s was also PSU's 1st B10 title. So there was a lot of PSU stuff to cover not that that bothered me or anything.

    I have to say that Terry Brands was the only coach who didn't have time for me & then sought me out when he did. He thanked me for the work I was doing. He seemed like a real nice guy. When I couldn't find the Iowa SID, he helped me track down McD.

    Barry Davis also thanked me & said hi a few times during the meet.

    I should also thank Pat Donghia the PSU SID & his asst Tony M. Also Leah the Asst SID from Michigan & Alison from Wisconsin.

    I also I meet Andrew Hipps from intermat & Craig Sesker from USA Wrestling & Blogger Kevin from PennStateclips. All good guys who love wrestling.

    It was funny that the first day I wore a black t-shirt which I have a ton of from a job I used to have. A lot of the PSU people thought I was an Iowa guy.They would just sorta give me a look. And the Iowa people would smile. Funny.

    The 2nd day I wore a neutral light green shirt which has NO team association so suddenly everyone was nice to me!

    It was interesting to note that Before & after the 1st Session coaches & wrestlers were willing to talk. Before the 2nd Nope. No time cant do it. Everyone is just LOCKED IN. As you would expect.

    Afterwords different story.

    Also I was very surprised at how soft spoken some guys are. Matt McDonough for as an intense as a wrestler he is, is pretty laid back & polite, (took off his cap no less). Quentin I thought was going to give a sermon. His interview was as different as they come. Both Trevor & Andrew Howe were appreciative of the Wisconsin staff in helping them overcome injures. All the PSU guys were bottled up enthusiasm waiting to pop.

    Anyways now I am really hooked. I did this all on my own dime cuz I love it. If I could figure how to generate some income with it so I could live off it that would be great. I am still handling a body problem so my diet & water requirements are strict &can't handle the TRAVEL food or the food for the press. But dam wouldn't it great if every weekend weren't like this!

    And I am not so healthy that I can do STAIRS like that every 10 minutes all day! Holee krap...the press section was basically on the 3rd floor. I think my heart rate was getting up to 80-90 going up & down like that. Andy was getting tired just watching me.

    Gonna have to get a cam that uploads direct to the net from the cam AND has a battery made of Uranium (half life 10,000 years). But Fuhr's $99 digital cam did the trick about 95% of time.

    Anyways back to editing...

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    Default Re: Thoughts on attending the Big 10s

    Keep up the great work kr, much appreciated!

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