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Thread: I Believed in you Quentin!!

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    Default I Believed in you Quentin!!

    Sure you've had your ups and downs, but I remained hopeful through the injuries, through the beat downs I believed! I kept you on my roster and you repaid me with excellence!

    Some have suggested you were the worst 2nd round pick in our draft, but they didnt know you like I did Q!
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    Default Re: I Believed in you Quentin!!

    Absolutely amazing tournament coming out of the 8 hole to reverse three in season losses

    #1 Travis Rutt, Wisconsin won by decision 4-3 (lost by fall on Feb. 18)
    #5 Tony Dallago, Illinois won by fall (lost 8-7 on Feb. 11)
    #2 Kevin Steinhaus, Minnesota won by decision 4-3 (lost 10-1 on Feb.13)
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    Default Re: I Believed in you Quentin!!

    As many have noted on other threads, Quentin's problems haven't been so much physical as psychological related to some major personal issues in his life. According to Quentin, he owes a lot to the support and prayers of family and friends. I'm sure glad to see him doing so much better. He is very much respected by the rest of the PSU team. Nationals will be another hurdle. It'll be interesting to see how that goes. 184 is wide open!

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    Default Re: I Believed in you Quentin!!

    He's such a crazy wrestler, goes for so many big moves and I think it costs him. Was firing on all cylinders but he's very inconsistent because of his big move ratio.

    Loved that switch, was hitting it from neutral and bottom yesterday - got him a TD & reversal against Rutt iirc

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