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Thread: Kevin LeValley dec Kyle Dake 4-2

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    The problem with seeding LeValley 2nd is the he only had one real marquee win before the EIWA tournament, Jamal Parks. He also had decent wins against Sanjaa, Schmitt and Lopouchanski while dropping a match to Mason. That schedule isn't as tough as Molinaro's or Dake's who have two losses. Also Molinaro and Dake have been more dominant this season, putting up bonus on ranked opponents more than LeValley, though that probably will factor little into seeding.

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    Lets not forget that Chamberlain only has 1 loss as well. How many does Park have?

    Someone out of Lavalley or Molinaro is getting slightly hosed with the #4/5 seed and Dake stays at 2/3. Molinaro may get the short end of the stick, as it's easier to justify him at 4 rather than LaValley who just beat him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    gobigred pointed out to me that we might see LeValley get the #2 seed. He only has one loss all year and just beat Dake.
    Giving Mario Mason the 1 seed since he's the lone loss, right?
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