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Thread: Iowa v. Minnesota BTN Replay Thoughts

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    I give you that 125 lbs can LOOK different on different people but how much more fair can they make it. Both guys must weight 125 lbs one hour before their match. Sometimes there is gonna be some match-up issues and sometimes there is heart and guts, some times its conditioning. Sometimes a kid just needs to come up with a different set of plans. In NCAA's I would think that you can focus on your own style much more than in a dual when your team is counting on you specifically to contain damage or get bonus points.
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    I agree with match up issues. When he is matched up against bigger, skilled 125s it is a bad match up for Zach.
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    i think the biggest 125'er ive seen was nick simmons! that guy was a monster, and no matter what he could not make it to the finals!
    There is a huge difference between someone natually weighing 125 and someone cutting all but muscle to be at 125.
    but as far as zach i agree if he could be a bigger 125 he would be able to use his skills more effectively

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    I'm rewatching this dual right now. I've watched it a few times since it was wrestled and just like in real life, the Hawks always win.

    It's currently at intermission and I would assume that somewhere under the floor, the Thorns, Mincey and Marion are mixing it up. Why cant those gophers just leave a guy alone when he's trying to get a sweat going?

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