125: Good match to get the dual started here with both guys getting out and really getting after things. Sanders scoring the first TD was huge as it always will be when he wrestles top flight guys. Great job going to the dive through to counter deep shot by Pataky for first TD, that's something he does to a lot of people. Didn't like the 1 and 2 call for Pataky's second TD. Feel like it should have just been two as they never broke from each other.

133: In projecting this match I now realize I made a bad reference to Thorn's matches against Graff as Long and Graff are very different wrestlers, the big difference being how good Long is on top. Both guys being pretty chippy, Thorn's "punch" looked like it missed and was done in retaliation for Long cuffing him across the face about five seconds before. Similar to the Ramos match Long didn't go to the underhook much. Have to watch his match with Futrell from Friday to see if he avoids it there too.

141: Other than Alton being effective enough on top to temporarily eliminate Thorn's riding time the match went basically exactly as I expected it to. Thought the stalemate call when Thorn was on top was pretty bad.

149: Great weekend by Danny Zilverburg, looked more offensive in his two matches this weekend than he had all year. Great job both getting to his lefty single leg on the feet and then really exploiting Molinaro's weakness from bottom once he got on top. Still find Molinaro gassing to the point of needing a lung time out odd because he's had great cardio since he moved up. Looked great with his high c's and ineffective from a scoring aspect with his leg rides. I'd be interested to hear the last time he actually scored with his legs.

157: Like 141 not a lot to say here given that Taylor didn't really do anything he hasn't done to most all of his opponents so far this year. Pretty comical that both refs missed Mincey grabbing the mat. As for the end, Mincey wasn't pinned. Did a great job keeping a shoulder up at all times as they were rolling around.

165: Strong methodical work here by Cody Yohn getting a major that wound up being pivotal in the dual result. Still kind of worrisome from a fan perspective that it seems like he was better at getting to his own offense a month ago.

174: Gutty effort by Glasser to battle and get the escape in the last 20 seconds of the match but it seemed like that had Ruth gone for TD's through out the match that this one would have been pretty ugly as he scored every time he shot except for the first time. Ruth just seemed like he was wasting time on top.

184: Wright coming out here without the shoulder harness he'd been wearing. Early headlock attempt almost seemed a little desperate. Steinhaus would make him pay with the TD and two quick tilts. Wright has really struggled on the mat (both top and bottom) since he's come back.

197: I was far too excited to watch what were reported as glacially slow TD's by Yohn when he was going after the major in the third period. The accounts wound up being overblown, the first TD he got actually approached being explosive. Good comeback match for Yohn. Looked solid on the feet, got his legs in on top. Gas tank looked alright.

285: First flurry provides an interesting contrast between Nelson and Berhow. Nelson has a more typical heavyweight power based style of offense from the feet, he did a nice job getting to the high single but those things are hard to finish against big guys. Berhow was generally able to finish his sweep single quickly when he'd actually shoot it. Good motion by Wade off the bottom. The stalemate calls that fans were upset about yesterday I didn't think were that bad. Nelson needs to come up hard as strong has he is and not let Wade get opportunity to get his legs in. Wade's donkey punch at the end kind of makes things even in the cheap shot department along with David Thorn's indiscretion.