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Thread: Rutgers Vs. Lehigh

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    Default Rutgers Vs. Lehigh

    Big match-up going into EIWA tournament. RU tough in the middle Lehigh big up top.

    125 Langel MD. Berger
    133 Cagnina dec. Demarco
    141 Melde dec. Dutton
    149 Mason dec. Napoli
    157 Cocozzo dec Bilodeau
    165 Winston dec. Hatchett
    174 Mays dec. Caruso
    184 Hamilin Dec. Rinaldi
    197 Kennedy dec. Wagner
    Hwt Rey MD. Russo
    16-16..somethings gotta give..maybe russo wont get majored..or maybe langel won't get the major. regardless, tight match

    Russo has not been wrestling well the past few matches, neither has mason. Both looked flat agains American. Rinaldi and Caruso have both looked well, but face big match-ups agains Lehigh. Looking forward to Caruso going against his old squad.

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    There's no way Rey majors Russo, even though DJ has been struggling. Rey rarely scores 8 points in a match, especially against a dangerous opponent. Cagnina is certainly capable of majoring DeMarco and, frankly, I think the bouts at 141, 165, 175 and 184 could go either way.

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    Flores worked Russo. I don't think Russo has ever even beat Rey. I would love to see it be a tough match. I don't see cagnina majoring demarco, Langel usually sets a good tone starting off the match. 141 and 165 will be interesting. But Coco has been the best hes been all year. hard to see him drop a match there.

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    Default Re: Rutgers Vs. Lehigh

    Has Rey ever majored anybody? Thats not exactly his style

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    Default Re: Rutgers Vs. Lehigh

    Flores and Rey are quite different style wrestlers. Flores pretty much owns Russo and both of his wins over Russo this year were 1 point away from being majors-that being said , I'd look for a 3-1,5-2 type score in this match UNLESS Russo throws legs and gets too high as he is known to do and gets stuck.

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    Default Re: Rutgers Vs. Lehigh

    Caruso has a point to make. Don't bet against him.
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    RYou..great point..i would love to see Caruso come out fired up and get the W. He's been looking really good all season..especially of late.

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